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WWE: Adrian Neville To Be Repackaged w/ ‘Mighty Mouse’ Gimmick On The Main Roster

In what can only be seen as weird, it appears that WWE is planning big things for Adrian Neville. However, in terms of big… we actually mean “mighty” small. WWE has planned to repackage Adrian Neville for some time, before he arrives on the main roster. Neville has not had much of a gimmick to speak of, as he has remained simply a great wrestler with terrific high-flying ability.

This is the basic gimmick in the end, which is pretty much nothing. So WWE wanted to add to it a bit. The current plan WWE has for Neville was described to as “Mighty Mouse-esque.” Mighty Mouse was a cartoon mouse who was also a superhero. He was small, but he did big things. He was basically the mouse form of Superman, so the concept shouldn’t be like the old NXT Conner O’Brien gimmick that was rat-like.

Instead, most expect WWE to have Neville willing to go after the big guys just to prove himself. For example, we could see Neville go after The Big Show. The idea is for big things to come from the smaller Neville, which a lot of people can get behind. However, if he puts a costume on and starts acting like a superhero similar to The Hurricane, we can imagine fans won’t be pleased.

Neville was part of WWE NXT Takeover: R Evolution, where he lost to Sami Zayn. The match was considered to be amazing and on par with anything we see on the main roster today. Many feel Neville is more than ready to join the main roster, and the rumor is that he could do similar to Bo Dallas and Rusev before him and appear in the Royal Rumble match next month.

Neville has done amazing work in NXT, along with other very talented wrestlers. Neville is someone Triple H likes a lot, and it is expected that he will get pushed right away. If he comes up and does what he has been doing in NXT, we can expect fans to love him. However, there is some speculation in how well he can do if repackaged. There really isn’t an issue with him now, so most who know of Neville don’t get why WWE is changing him even a little.

While things are done differently on WWE NXT versus the WWE’s main roster, the idea of changing Neville only hurts WWE and the wrestler in the end. However, if he still comes off looking strong, then the repackaging concept would make total sense.

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