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Pokémon ‘Generations’ Episode 12: The Magma Stone

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As the story continues, we (the viewers) remain in the mysterious region of Sinnoh. Last week, we visited the Sky Pillar where Team Galactic leader, Cyrus would call forth the Pokémon of Time & Space, Dialga & Palkia to control for his true mission of acquiring the universe, creating a new world in his image. However, when Time & Space intertwines the world becomes distorted. Cyrus would be face to face with the Pokémon banished to another dimension due to its destructive power. This Pokémon uses the antimatter that exists to pass through worlds whenever it, please. Cyrus comes face to face with Giratina and tells his team “Don’t look for me” after realizing that Giratina‘s domain, the Distortion World is the world he’s been looking for.

In this week’s episode ‘The Magma Stone‘ the remains of Team Galactic have a devious plan with their leader out of action. Deep within Stark Mountain, they’ve awakened Heatran who begins a destructive path of flames as the Galactic members try to escape. A Pokémon trainer by the name of Buck intervenes with his Claydol, along with International Police detective, Looker & his Croagunk for their personal burning ambitions.

Credit: The Pokémon Company

Credit: The Pokémon Company

Each episode becomes a nostalgic moment seeing how different each one is and how true to the video game arcs they keep it. This episode was all about being able to put your person ambitions aside to save the world from erupting into a further catastrophe event and the core results were worth the watch. Personally, wished Heatran had more of a backstory further given the players just another Legendary to catch, but maybe I haven’t done extensive research on Heatran.

Here’s the official episode of ‘The Magma Stone’:

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