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E3 2021: Rainbow Six Extraction

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Time is essential and the outbreak is getting worse.

There’s been plenty of speculation of a new Rainbow Six game and now the wait is over. During Ubisoft Forward, the publisher announced Rainbow Six Extraction will be the next installment to the series. We also got an extensive look at what Extraction is and the gameplay.

Rainbow Six Extraction’s creative director Patrick Methé says players will be facing “an always evolving alien threat” and will have “plenty of challenges to overcome” in an effort to make sure no team members are left behind. Methé goes on to say it will be up to players to decide when to push forward or when to extract, teasing that “extraction is truly the name of the game.” He’s not wrong.

Ubisoft previously stated that the “Quarantine” name was merely an internal placeholder, one that would be changing given the ongoing nature of the COVID-19 pandemic which saw millions around the world quarantining at home for months.

In the new video released ahead of E3 2021, producer Antoine Vimal du Monteil would have revealed the game’s title as well as a little information on what fans can expect from the new co-op shooter.

Since announcement, the game has grown a lot. As it evolved, the heart of the experience became clearer and clearer-operators uniting against a common enemy, learning about the parasite, how to overcome it, and protecting each other every step of the way.

In Extraction, players are tasked with facing off against deadly infected creatures and must safely escape with their squad. Extraction will still feel like the previous versions of Rainbow Six but with a different theme. Up to three players can team up to take down the alien parasite known as the Archaen. You may also try your luck at this one in solo play.

The aspects of Rainbow Six will still be present such as stealth, gadgets and coordination with a squad but the arching concept of playing as a team is the essential to victory. The game will feature 18 operators, each with their own skills and gadgets, just like Rainbow Six Siege. You will also be able to level up specific operators with better stats, weapons, perks and more. The game will also have 12 maps at launch with many challenges for players to complete. Ubisoft would also announce that Extraction will support cross-play, allowing players to take on the Archaen no matter which platform you play on. For those who already own Rainbow Six Siege will gain access to all of Extraction’s 18 Operators instantly.

Here’s the trailer below:

Rainbow Six Extraction will be released on Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PC and Stadia on September 16th.

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