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‘Cheetah Sounds’ Haresha ft. Chief & Flow Simpson (PROD. WAVE MMLZ)

Credit: Tribe Chillin

Written by Sean Wall

“Lately, we stay riding!” a lyric that will have you singing along as Haresha, Arizona singer has come back to collaborate with Flow Simpson and Tribe member Chief. In this year alone, Haresha, Flow Simpson, and Chief have been working together on numerous tracks. Each new song they release only gets better and better as they capitalize on that essence that makes them unique. The song in itself has a meaning that all artist listening can relate to, the grind of making yourself better as time flies.

Haresha previously released “Haresha In The Cut” back in March, where you see her lyricism truly shined above. She seems to be comfortable making her voice fuse together with the beats presented. In the article written about her album writer, J. Johnson stated, “… Her style is a dynamic refresher to our ears after listening to the modern era’s female artist sing/rap about money and being famous. Haresha is trying to start a revolution for herself and those who follow her message.” It becomes clear that the revolution and discussion about her daily grind along with her male artistic counterparts (Tribe Chillin & Flow Simpson) have not gone unnoticed. “Cheetah Sounds” is the mixture of that hard work and dedication that all three artists have done up until now.

In ‘Cheetah Sounds‘ the lyrics from Flow & Chief are impeccably accurate to who they are and what they stand for. The tone of the song is brilliantly produced by “Beat MasterWAVE MMLZ giving that aura of mystique. One can argue about it, but it fits perfectly well with the lyrics. Haresha sings the chorus with beauty that it outshines her previous work (not saying that her previous work was not in any way bad). I admire what the goal was for this song and it opens doors for more like it if each artist is ready to tackle more responsibility to perfect their talents in the right ways.

The consistent production of music only makes the group of friends now a collective group of artists better as they tune up music each time. Even though it’s Chief, WAVE MMLZ, & Flow producing more and more music practically every couple of weeks, Haresha still awaits her time to shine like the others as it has a methodical presence. What more can you ask from an artist as one simply wants to make their music better than the one before? Growth. Personally, Tribe Chillin may technically consist of five members, but I think with the addition of creative individuals like Flow Simpson, Haresha, and Richie Rizo the ‘Big 8‘ make up what Tribe Chillin really is.

Enough talking here’s the track “Cheetah Sounds” by Haresha ft. Chief & Flow Simpson (PROD. WAVE MMLZ):

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