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WWE: Sting Not Allow To Use Trademark Bat?

Wrestling legend Sting has made two appearances for WWE in the last three months, and in both appearances he didn’t have his signature bat with him. Since Sting became “The Crow,” he has become synonymous with his bat, and used it while he was in WCW and TNA. Now it appears that WWE isn’t allowing him to use his bat, and WWE being PG may be the reason why.

During today’s edition of Wrestling Observer Live, I called in to ask Bryan Alvarez and Mike Sempervive about the “Sting bat issue.” Alvarez and Sempervive speculated that WWE isn’t allowing Sting to use his bat because of their young audience.

Alvarez brought up the fact that Triple H has been using a sledgehammer throughout his career, and like Sting with his bat, Triple H has become synonymous with his sledgehammer. However, Alvarez said that difference was that a sledgehammer isn’t as easily accessible to children as a baseball bat is, and that could be the reason WWE isn’t allowing Sting to use it.

There’s also been speculation that WWE isn’t allowing Sting to use his bat because in was a “WCW thing,” and WWE hates to copy any of WCW’s original ideas, hence why they’re pushing the “Vigilante” nickname rather than calling Sting “The Icon” or “The Franchise.”

Sting not being allowed to use his bat is a minor issue, however, it is strange to see him appearing without his famous black baseball bat. Furthermore, it’s likely that at some point Triple H will use his sledgehammer on Sting. So WWE fans could look at that as a bit hypocritical on WWE’s part.

While WWE doesn’t like to copy any of WCW’s original ideas, it looks like the one WCW original idea that they will be copying is limiting Sting’s talking, and even going as far as keeping him completely silent leading up to his match at WrestleMania with Triple H.

Sting is expected to make at least two more appearances on RAW before WrestleMania, so don’t expect Sting to appear again until after the Fast Lane pay-per-view in February.

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