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Fung Bros. XIII: Grand St. Clean-Up (Snow Day)

(From left to right) Andrew Fung, David Fung, & Nelson Chan

Written by UkNO

HEY! It’s me again, the guy that has come on board to SPARX and give that engaging feeling like the other editors & writers among this organization. You may be looking at the title above and saying the “Grand St. Clean-Up Snow Day” video was two days ago. However the roman numeral above states in a minimal capacity why it’s being written now.

Andrew & David have this presence about themselves which is vital to their success. You add the exposure to their culture, love for sports, and the appetite of food from all over the country you can’t go wrong with liking & respecting them.

XIII (No. 13) is not about their history, but the recent, especially when the east coast was hit with Blizzard Jonas. For one underestimating the snow was a bad gesture, but we got over it (New York). In New York City, the snow practically shut the New York/Long Island day-to-day down, but it didn’t stop The Fungs. They made it imperative to engage in their new home… Oh, you didn’t know? The Fung Bros moved from Los Angeles, although their hometown is Seattle, but “The City That Never Sleeps” has claimed two more ambitious individuals. Let us wish them everything and more than the best of luck in the concrete jungle.

Back to the Blizzard Jonas, The Fung Bros to the stand to get people up and out. Yes, there were probably many who did that, but they hosted a clean on Grand St. that was actually pretty successful. Not only did the plow trucks clear the way, but once you watch this you’ll appreciate the admiration and dedication The Fung Bros. have for their fans and for just being a part of the community no matter where they live. They even brought their friend, Nelson Chan to work with them. A little background on Nelson, he brings the hoop game to life with his channel. The goal is to primarily advance one’s basketball skills but to be done in a fun way.

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~ This is UkNO signing off, until next time peeps! “Fung Bros. XIV“?

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