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MC Jin “Nobody’s Listening” (Review)

Credit: MC Jin; Edited by, The SPARX Team

Questions develop about MC Jin’s next musical endeavors since the release of his recent album XIV:LIX. This past Valentine’s Day as the love filled the air and memories were created, MC Jin’s newest project “Nobody’s Listening” opened a new direction.

Written by,
J. Johnson

MC Jin started the year strong by releasing 20 short videos, where he’d rap about various topics of today and yesteryear. Those videos gave way to hints provided by Jin via Twitter about the upcoming new album. It was on January 20th when Jin would give a little sample in the form of two new singles, “Rhyme Book” and “Everything’s Not Okay“. Each of these tracks gave insight on what MC Jin‘s current state of mind has been since his tackle at comedy. Although Valentine’s Day has everything to do with love, Jin definitely provided love into this new album.

Nobody’s Listening” features 10 uniquely mixed and developed tracks that immerse the fans into a new age of music for MC Jin. The three singles “Rhyme Book”, “Everything’s Not Okay”, and “Timberlake Your Love” are also featured on the album. Accompanied with the new single “Timberlake Your Love” a new short video depicted the meaning behind each lyric.  The album has some great tracks that are willing to show why MC Jin has been able to adapt. It’s also his first album to be downloaded via SoundCloud for free!

The first song is “No Promo” where MC Jin truly stakes his claim to being an artist that hasn’t lost his step given the new Rap/Hip-Hop climate. You have to admire the breath of fresh air breathed into his new style with this song. Head-bopping at its best. “Rhyme Book” provides you with a second wind of his new style but this new style is not the style of today where he’s looking to be the next one-hit-wonder for a few months. It’s a style where he’s establishing a point for those listening. Next, “4TheTeam” truly brings the populace together. You can say this song primarily focuses on making sure everyone achieves the goal of success as one voice. Personally, there’s always a great thing when an artist uses the power of music to brings everyone together no matter their creed, color, and/or race. In “Fatherly Advice” (ft. Chance the Son) you have to love this one for Jin speaking directly to a special individual. There’s always the track Jin sneaks into the album that’s personal to him. Although the album is titled “Nobody’s Listening” there’s one of many listening to this track, Chance. The last few moments of the song was great hearing Chance drop a few lines. “Nobody’s Listening” is one track featured that doesn’t literally mean what the title says. You listen to this track and get the sense that Jin is doing a little self-evaluation on himself. He’s an artist that reached a time in his career where being humble and self-criticizing is the key to becoming a great individual in life. That’s what the self-album titled track “Nobody’s Listening” is all about.

The first initial reaction was an inquisitive take like, what were the true motives behind the new album. The answer lies in the album itself as MC Jin like any great artist/entertainer continues to develop themselves. Personally knowing one aspect about Jin is he’s tackling on any new challenge he sets for himself. Since the beginning of 2017, that’s been the very message spoken in volumes. Although someone may not be listening all that matters is you’re listening and developing yourself. MC Jin doesn’t seem to be going anywhere and that’s a good thing. His music continues to inspire others and his style continues to adapt with the time.

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