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Tier 1 Wrestling: Darius Carter’s Quest For Change

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The independent circuit of professional wrestling is a gold mine when it comes to the talent being introduced in the industry. Many notable names likes CM Punk, Daniel Bryan (Brian Danielson), Kevin Owens (Kevin Steen), Sami Zayn (El Generico), Finn Balor (Prince Devitt), AJ Styles, and so much more have made a name for themselves by reaching the “big stage” in the form of the WWE, but it didn’t begin there. Whether it be in ROH or EVOLVE the independents will forever be the place where the unique talents of professional wrestling will rise and showcase the best in the world. The indie talent of today has only pushed the bar further as they all push themselves to make a name for themselves. We have witnessed some of those individuals climbing from the amateur days of their careers to maturing their approach to greatness. One professional wrestler that has caught our eyes is the self-proclaimed “Wrestling’s Richest” Darius Carter. His boastfully arrogant persona has engulfed the entire east coast as his main goal is to become the best ever.

In 2009, Darius Carter would debut in Beyond Wrestling only to prove that his quest to become greater wouldn’t be denied. Two years later in 2014, Carter would establish a stable in an attempt to change the landscape of the independent circuit called “Crusade For Change”. This unique stable dawns the mask that’s featured in the movie ‘V For Vendetta’, which also calls for change, but in the political realm. The members of the group are made up of professional wrestlers wanting to prove themselves as well, Anthony Gangone, Devin Blaze, TJ Marconi & Tommy Trainwreck). A sub-team is also housed under the ‘Crusade For Change’ stable called, ‘M1nute Men’ with Devin Blaze & Tommy Trainwreck. Even with these individuals in his camp, Darius Carter has been successful without the help of his bizarre group in the wrestling promotion, Tier 1 Wrestling. That’s for one reason, his quest to become the Tier 1 Wrestling champion. It’s safe to say that when he came into Tier 1 Wrestling with his ‘Brass Ring Invitational’ it became a hot attraction for the fans in attendance that didn’t know him as it would show exactly who Darius Carter is.  During this time , in W.O.W. (Warriors Of Wrestling), Carter would have a short-lived run with the No Limits Championship as he defeated Joey Ace at the ‘WOW Hit The Lights’ event. Practically a month later, he would drop the championship to Jessie “Bonesaw” Brooks which embroiled the two in a rivalry for the title. Back in his debut at Tier 1 Wrestling, Carter would bring the open invitational to new levels as he defeated Atticus Bolt in 32 seconds. Followed by the Nutrious X falling victim to Carter’s wrath at Tier 1’s “Rise Or Die Trying” event in December. Afterward, Darius Carter would recapture the WOW No Limits Championship from Jessie Brooks at the 8th Anniversary Show: Final Solution.

Darius Carter would go on to defeat many more notable names in his open invitational matches like Fred Yehi & Tracy Williams. Both Yehi and Williams are two independent wrestlers who also participated in the WWE’s Cruiserweight Classic Tournament. During Tier 1 Wrestling’s ‘METEORIC’ event, Carter defeated Tracy Williams early in the night only to force himself into the Six-Man Elimination Fray by attacking Vinny Pacifico. However, Carter taken advantage of this would result in him winning the match and moving onto the Final Fray to determine who would get a future Tier 1 Wrestling Championship match. On the way, Carter would partner up with Gran Akuma in the hopes to get an earlier title match if Akuma was able to defeat Rude Boy Riley at the “A Savior Amongst Us” show. Akuma and Carter had to go through one roadblock before heading into that direction by defeating Rude Boy Riley and EVOLVE’s hottest prospect & former UFC fighter, Matthew Riddle. Despite a miscue created by Carter, Akuma and himself would defeat Riley & Riddle giving Akuma his wish and pushing Carter’s quest even further. At “A Savior Amongst Us” Carter would use the opportunity of manipulation by feigning an ankle injury. Carter would deliver a brutal yakuza kick to the back of Sonny Kiss’ head and delivered his finishing maneuver ‘Foreclosure’ allowing him to walk away victorious in the Final Fray. Later in the night due to injury Akuma couldn’t compete against Riley for the Tier 1 Championship, but issued an open challenge to anybody in the back. Darius Carter would go out to accept the challenge only to have the giant Ryan Galeone come out to attack the champion. Eventually, former WWE Superstar Aaron Stevens (Damien Sandow), would come out for the save making it a tag team match. The match would end with Darius Carter delivering a loaded punch with a sort of brass knuckles earning him a pinfall victory over Stevens & another non-title victory over Riley.

Ask yourself, is Darius Carter honestly THE BEST? Many would say no and a lot would say he’s working his way to that spot. Since his debut the quest for success is truly something he doesn’t want to put to the side. In Beyond Wrestling his career began, in WOW he’s managed to make his mark by becoming a 2x WOW No Limits Champion whilst aiming to capture the WOW World Heavyweight Championship along with the creation of a stable driven by change. In Tier 1 Wrestling taking his talents to become #1 Contender for the Tier 1 Championship while also sustaining an undefeated streak of 8-0 (17 individuals in 5 different shows). One question remains to be answered, can Darius Carter continue this impressive quest and live the dream he’s been fighting for?

Maybe this recently video released by Tier 1 Wrestling, may answer those questions:

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