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“Dangerous” Royal Pirates [MV]

Credit: Royal Pirates

Written by Sean Wall

The SPARX knowledge of music begins to expand as the thought process to find new artists or groups, that exist, upcoming, or just getting started is at a rate of greatness that you couldn’t ask for more. Via one of the artist that they are determined to support; Enik Lin of IAMMEDIC & FYKE, it seems that South Korea has become a second if not official home for him since he’s been doing work with Royal Pirates. A Korean rock band that has made a name for themselves with their brash and aggressive format of rock. You would have never guessed Koreans were fans of rock, but Royal Pirates along with others possibly have changed their minds. Enik Lin has joined them more so at the end of 2015, but with even the last few months Lin‘s musician skills have been up to par with the Royal Pirates.

In 15+ hours (as of this writing) since the release of their latest MV “Dangerous“, Royal Pirates have earned 15K views. That’s not just saying they are good, it’s saying they give to the fans, creatively. Not only are they friends, but they act more like family which, will produce some amazing music going forward. Here at the SPARX‘s core, as we watched the video the energy could be felt from each member of the group from lead vocalist to the drummer. It’s like that with every successful rock band that has that dynamic infusion of musical minds.

(From left to right) Enik Lin, James Lee, EXSY, & Moon Kim; 'Royal Pirates' | Credit: Royal Pirates

(From left to right) Enik Lin, James Lee, EXSY, & Moon Kim; ‘Royal Pirates’ | Credit: Royal Pirates

The Royal Pirates create a world within this video even though you may not speak Korean will see a few things like, “taboo” that is tattoos, a grunge motif, a punk style in which they dress, the painting on the walls, and the all out rocking to the music. The passion can be seen as the video grasps you by the throat, causing you to be a fan; OH not by force, but simply with the music taking over you. The color scheme definitely makes the heart grow fonder of the visual expressions being done. Not like random colors being put together. There’s a message behind everything an artist or band does. I’ve always been a fan of international artists as it gives you insight on how other cultures can take music genres to a new level. It’s different, nobody has to like all the music in the world. Royal Pirates has that appeal to me like the GazettE that resides in Japan. Although they are two totally different bands the energy is there in a comparative way.

You know what would be better? If you check the MV out for yourself. Trust me, the language will never be a boundary if you’re open to either learn it and/or looking at the musical aspect of what’s going on. Here’s the MV “Dangerous“:

Don’t forget to follow the Royal Pirates & Enik Lin on their social outlets: royalpirates | @royalpirates | Royal Pirates on iTunes | @IAM_ENIK | Enik Lin | iamenik

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