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Enik Lin, IAMMEDIC, FYKE, & Royal Pirates

Enik Lin | Credit: Enik Lin

Written by: J. Johnson

“The Enigmatic Leader”, “The Muzik-King”, “The Spiky-Haired Enigma”, just some personal nicknames I’ve given to the talented artist, producer, and musician’s passion for music has been nothing, but short of amazing throughout the years. He’s simply known as Enik Lin. You can see the passion, whether he’s singing, playing an instrument, dancing, or ripping the musical air during a live performance. Enik Lin is among those artists has been able to captivate a large portion of individuals to feel the emotion and drive through his music on an international scale with many groups he’s performed with. For years, Enik has been musically inclined going as far back as he can remember.

Even when your parents have been an influence on your life in terms of getting you started with music, it will be a part of your life. Lin’s mother did start him and his sister out with music by teaching them piano. After all those years, those teachings, along with other musical influences have prepared Lin for a blessed journey. The opportunities have stretched a little further as Lin has written and worked with some talented artists in Asia such as Vanness Wu, Park Jun Min, Jeff Miyahara, Jae Chong, and Aziatix. Enik even states his biggest break is to simply be recognized by these artists who have made engraved their legacies not only in Asia but internationally.

When someone makes the effort to pull a triple-play workload, that definitely won’t go unnoticed by any fan. The admirable workload Lin has done is amazing. During the summer of 2015, Lin would jump into a project with Los Angeles rock band FYKE. He would also put the IAMMEDIC latest record on hold to focus on starting up the newly formed band. During the start of the fall, FYKE would release a full-length MV entitled “AWAKE“. Even reviewing the MV and listening to the song there was definite passion in each lyric sung. To me, it was a message to the fans of the new band to get ready for some promising content coming up.

Behind the scenes of the @official_royalpirates MV shoot. PC: @jamesjhl #irockoutforaliving

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In late-2015, Lin would move to South Korea as he began working with Korean rock band Royal Pirates. Like the previous projects that have been left on hiatus, Lin would take that dedication and push it towards helping Royal Pirates produce some amazing tracks. Going into 2016, Lin received some ample amount of TV time performing with Royal Pirates, to show the South Korean masses and those fortunate enough to view South Korean music TV only to see him engulfed in the music he helped produce. For the past 3-4 years, Lin’s passion for music has certainly earned him some rewarded thanks for the work he has done. 2016 will be a year of amazing time for the enigmatic artist, whether it be with IAMMEDIC, FYKE, and/or Royal Pirates.

When you have an individual that not only lives his passion but doesn’t take it lightly you admire them and the work that follows. Enik Lin is a good prime example of that with the music he has produced. Will 2016 be his year? I think yes it will. Lin’s projects will be some amazing music for the rock genre, whether it’s in English, Korean, or a little bit of both. IAMMEDIC gave you a reality check of who he is, FYKE gave you a taste of what his intentions are, and Royal Pirates will mold a potential legend that has earned the respect of the fans that followed him since the days of the Burning Tree Project.

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