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Jay Park: “₩ORLD₩IDE” (2015)

Written by: J. Johnson

Jay Park’s new official album ‘WORLDWIDE’ will be released. Previously, he disclosed his teaser video and new songs on a whim to promote his new album through Naver V-app live broadcasting. 27 various artists from AOMG, Illionaire Records, High Ground, Amoeba Culture, Highlight Records and other hip-hop labels participated in featuring for ‘WOLRDWIDE’. Moreover, a total of 18 tracks are contained in the album, so it caught the mass public’s attention even before its release.

Alright well it’s been a little over a few minutes and as I listen to more it’s like Korean is a part of my life now. You can have a range of reviews when it comes to this album. Jay Park has been able cater to a different individuals whether it be teens and/or young adults. The Seattle native son is not just any other artist to sit back and wait for the music to come to him. Even right now as the album makes its rounds around the world (digitally) Park, is cooking up new tracks and beats with his talented and bombastic team of musicians.

It was teased for awhile that a new project was in the works by Jay Park, but the album had to be the number one thing many fans were hoping for. Especially since Park, has only been releasing singles with other artists he mainly works with like GRAY, Ugly Duck, and Cha Cha Malone. In ‘Worldwide’ you’ll see a few songs that have been released for the most part. “Mommae”, “My”, “My Last”, & “Lotto”. All have added some range of hip hop, rap, and a little bit of pop to the album. IMO, “MOMMAE” & “My” are my personal favorites solely based on the fact that it has that driven beat with heavy additions of Jay Park-esque!

"Worldwide" Album art cover | Photo credit: AOMG

“Worldwide” Album art cover | Photo credit: AOMG

Before the initial release, Jay Park has released teasers for some of the songs being added to the album to two tracks entitled “Worldwide” & “You Know”. They really set the tone for what was to be expected on the album with the choreographed dancing and the bold lyrics from Jay Park. Even so with all those teasers it did help with promoting the album. You can’t deny the amount of people who were ready to hear the entire album especially on the first day when news broke.

Jay Park’s music video of the track “You Know” from his new album “Worldwide,” recently received an R-rating. With 4Minute’s HyunA taking part in the video, the scene where the only two singers show up exudes an excessively sexy atmosphere. Park and HyunA have been close since they were under the same roof in JYP Entertainment as a member of 2PM and Wonder Girls, respectively, in the past. They kept in touch with each other even after withdrawing from the group as well as from the agency.

With the teasers being a driving force to promote the album, Jay Park did release a full length track from the album that has become a personal favorite. The track is entitled “My” and the slow-upbeat track was produced by Cha Cha Malone and featured a fellow artist that has worked with Jay Park before, Lil’ Boi. Now everyone has their opinions on this track, but going on a bias rant “My” is extremely catchy with an upbeat tempo following with the chorus stating what he’s working, living, staying blessed, & who he’s growing up with. I think it’s awesome. Nowadays rap and hip hop is being painted as a wave of artists that talks about nothing, but having the riches and degradation of women that seeing an artist talking about his accomplishments, but also talking about other topics as well. It’s something to be admired and that’s what “My” is talking about, hence why I love the song.

Before the release of the album Jay Park would state the reasons for coming out with a new album. He said, “This album is meaningful for me. You guys can see what I mean when you listen to the song, so I won’t speak more” and revealed his affection and confidence for the new album. Confidence and affection is something that does speak volumes in this album. You can feel the energy in the album with all the tracks. “Worldwide” is definitely worth the buy as it can give you a sense of what other artists produce on the other side of the world and give you an outlook on who Jay Park is an artist and visionary to the hip-hop world.

Rating: 2246c-4stars1

“Worldwide” by: Jay Park is available now on iTunes. Don’t forget to follow Jay Park on Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

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