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‘Awake’ FYKE [Official MV]

Written by: J. Johnson

Enik Lin definitely has a vision for himself that he envisions. It’s like he’s destined to make music for a group of people to enjoy. Yesterday Enik Lin’s newest group Fyke, released a brand new MV entitled, ‘Awake’ that definitely brought attention to the newly formed group. Can’t blame the enigmatic leader of IAMMEDIC to expand his vision with others that share the same taste.

Introduced to the public in June, the new Los Angeles, rock band took to social media to get their message across to that they have arrived. It’s good to see that another rock band has some visit to be a true band to the genre. Didn’t think the genre had a chance of surviving, but a new light seems to be here with Fyke. Members include: Enik Lin, Daniel Kim, Abraham Kim, and Steven Delman.

They first released a mini video performing a cover for Cyndi Lauper’s “Time After Time”. Now if that’s not a great first impression then, I don’t what it is. The official cover is available for download on Google Play & Loudr.


I can simply say that this band has a future for themselves in the rock scene. Fyke definitely will go the distance to prove that their music has a different sound unlike the others. Yesterday was the debut of their new video and like that has become an instant hit for them.

Check out the MV ‘Awake’:

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