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“2ND THOTS” By: Jay Park (Prod. CHA CHA MALONE)

Jay Park releases a very intriguing song titled "2ND THOTS". It has a message that many can appreciate.

Written by: J. Johnson

Hot off the release of his new album “Worldwide” Jay Park, has captured the worldwide audience to enjoy a mix of Korean and English Rap, Hip-Hop, and Pop. When reviewing that album the pleasure of hearing the many approaches taken is clearly to open the ears for many fans. The mix of two languages is just a testament to the direction Jay Park wants to go with his music internationally. Even with that he doesn’t seem to be taking a break from making new music for those who still support him and new fans that have been introduced to him.

Even with the AOMG 2nd year anniversary celebrated for the hard work and dedication the AOMG team has displayed this year. They’ve also announced the first female artist to be signed to the label, her name is Hoody. A very talented individual that will bring a new dynamic to AOMG music label. The label first teased a new recruit a few days ago via their SNS channels, revealing its previously male dominated agency featuring Jay Park, Simon Dominic, GRAY, Loco, Ugly Duck, ELO, DJ Pumkin,  and DJ Wegun.


Before officially being revealed as part of the AOMG family, HOODY dropped the single My Ride and even participated in one of Jay Park’s recent single, Solo. HOODY’s official addition to the AOMG family also comes hand in hand with the agency’s 2nd anniversary since being founded in 2013.

As for the new song entitled “2ND THOTS” it has made the release the other day with mixed receptions of the message it perceives to many of his fans.

Reactions to it are simple, there’s a message of one will lose themselves morally to gain something that they want. Even if that means taking your clothes off, showing a little or a lot of skin to someone that will help you further your goals of success. It’s not something to be proud of when you think about it. The struggle of becoming something you always inspired to be has completely seen a time where many will take that immoral approach.

A lot of people will see Jay Park as singing about something that some rappers and singers glorify, but take the time to listen to words further and you’ll hear the clear message. He’s singing like the rappers in the States, but honestly he’s rapping with a message to work hard for success, climb that mountain to success even if it knocks you down. I’m not here to lecture you on the approach of being moral, but take a listen to Jay Park’s latest song “2ND THOTS“.

Jay Park would take to twitter to personally tell what the song was about:

WORLDWIDE” by: Jay Park is available now on iTunes which includes personal favorites “MY” & “In This B*tch“. Follow Jay Park on Twitter | InstagramFacebook along w/ Hoody on twitter @HOODYKIM

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