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WWE: #GiveDivasAChance No Longer Just A Hashtag?

It’s been nearly five months since former WWE superstar AJ Lee called out CEO Stephanie McMahon on Twitter about the lack of screen time the company gives its female wrestlers. A hashtag, #GiveDivasAChance, trended online, but little changed.

Stagnant storylines, short matches and no semblance of who was a face (good guy) or a heel (bad guy) made the WWE’s Divas division, honestly, unwatchable.

Charlotte, Becky Lynch, & Sasha Banks making their RAW debut after, Stephanie McMahon deemed “It’s time for a change in the Diva’s division; time for a revolution” | Image via WWE

However Monday night on “Raw,” it looks like that’s finally changing.

McMahon introduced three new wrestlers from “NXT,” the WWE’s developmental territory, to main roster — Charlotte, daughter of pro wrestling legend Ric Flair; Becky Lynch; and NXT women’s champion Sasha Banks. Chants of “this is awesome” echoed across the arena. And deservedly so.

What’s important about this is that these three women are talented in the ring and on the mic, and, over the past year, have made the women’s division in NXT far more entertaining than the product being shown in the WWE.

The Bella Twins had already teamed up with Alicia Fox weeks ago. Lynch and Charlotte join Paige. Banks joins the team of Tamina and Naomi. Three factions to battle one another. Three factions with defined alignment of good and bad. Three factions with plenty of story opportunities.

Announcer Michael Cole was en pointe when he said, “This is the future of women’s wrestling.

To say the WWE Divas division has been languishing in mediocrity is a compliment. It has not been entertaining and the void of proper storytelling made it nothing more than a bathroom break. (Not going to lie, that was my break when I was in San Jose at WrestleMania this year).

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