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WWE: AJ Lee Interested In A Feud With Stephanie McMahon

According to an Oct. 23 report from IGN, WWE Divas Division Champion, AJ Lee, says she would be interested in opening a feud with WWE head honcho Stephanie McMahon, especially after WWE Universe went bonkers for the face-to-face confrontation the ladies had with each other recently on a televised episode of Monday Night Raw. Lee, 27, says no one in the WWE could match the excitement of the promos she can create with McMahon.

Lee didn’t say when she would like to open the feud with McMahon. In all likelihood, it’s going to be a while before the showdown can go down. Currently, Lee is feuding withPaige, so she’s busy with that drama. She’s set to collide with the fast-rising British superstar this weekend at the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view in Dallas, but that doesn’t stop her from eying a future collision with McMahon.

Lee saw how good McMahon’s recent feud with Brie Bella was. The Bella vs. McMahon feud was one of the hottest angles the WWE had going for it heading into SummerSlam, and WWE Universe ate it up. Lee says she doesn’t want to mess up the special moments Bella and McMahon had together inside the cage at SummerSlam. She would only do a match with McMahon if something new and exciting was brought to the table.

She doesn’t want anything re-hashed. On the other hand, she says having a war with McMahon would be amazing for the fans. Would a feud between Lee and McMahon ruin Bella’s recent conflict with her? Absolutely not. Lee would definitely bring something fresh to the table, and WWE Universe would love it.

Lee’s feud with Paige has been running for four months now, so perhaps it’s time for something new for her. In the meantime, Lee is set to scrap with Paige this weekend at WWE Hell in a Cell. While Lee’s match with Paige won’t actually be held inside the Hell in a Cell structure, it is still one of the top matches on the card. Once Lee is done with Paige, time will tell if she advances to a feud with McMahon.

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