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Terminator 6: Schwarzenegger Returning For New James Cameron’s Produced Terminator

Terminator: Genisys | Credit: Paramount Pictures

“I’ll be back!” seems to be taken literally as Arnold Schwarzenegger says he’s going to return for Terminator 6.

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For a moment it seemed like Terminator: Genisys was the final nail in the coffin for the franchise as the popular franchise took a nose dive at the domestice box-office. This entry was suppose to build for another trilogy but it didn’t work out the way the studio thought it would. The once popular sci-fi franchise was met with great praise for taking the audience on a thrill ride of mystery as to what will happen to John Connor and The Terminator who protects him until 2015. Although it was in question the strong turnout Terminator: Genisys had in China made Paramount second guess about canning a sequel. Another issue that seems to be causing for a new Terminator movie is the fact hat James Cameron is set to reclaim the rights of the film in 2019.

Despite many conflicting reports over the past year and half of the new film being canceled, re-adjusted, it’s not possible that the film will be made given the latest word being Cameron is ready to come back as the series’ “godfather” to produce along with Deadpool’s Tim Miller directing. During an interview with Screen at Cannes, Arnold Schwarzenegger would reveal him metting with Cameron to discuss the movie and returning in some form;

“It’s is back. It is moving forward. He [Cameron] has some good ideas of how to continie with the franchise. I will be in the movie.”


Credit: Paramount Pictures

It doesn’t mean too much as this could Scwarzenegger’s way of playing up a new Terminator movie just to get talk amongst the fanbase talking again but anything is possible. He also went on to mention that a reboot to The Legend of Conan isn’t actually dead and a overdue Twins sequel could go into production this year. It is known that Schwarzenegger had attachments to a Paramount-produced sequel to Genisys but after it was then, canceled he’s been open abotu his desire to return elsewhere.

Producer David Ellison previously mentioned that fans could expect an announcement about the new Terminator sequel being made in 2017, saying the new direction would be “the continuation of what the fans really wanted since T2“, this could honestly be a good move for the franchise as T2 is the most beloved sci-fi action movie of all time. The narrative could fit perfect with Cameron returning to the franchise as he didn’t enjoy the two entries that came after T2 although, he did endorse Genisys.

There’s no concrete evidence of a new Terminator coming out yet but with Arnold Schwarzenegger dreading up discussions of the movie and producer David Ellison dropping his two cents in the matter it may be possible. However, like everything take this news with a grain of salt the year isn’t over yet. Still, this a positive development as fans who are waiting for a new Terminator to hit the big screen may be closer than anyone thinks despite what domestic sales may tell; especially for an iconic director like James Cameron wanting to make another one after writing off the Alien franchise.

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