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‘Complicated’ (Music Video) by: MC Jin

For the better part of two months, MC Jin has been promoting his album ‘XIV:LIX‘. This album his first album since his 7-year hiatus from the United States as he would go over to Hong Kong to build on his international fans. Like previously mentioned in our other article XIV:LIX’ Album of MC Jin’ he would gain the opportunity to to star in Chinese film and television, receive various endorsement deals, and release several albums that charted #1 in Hong Kong.

Now he’s released that album and with a changing view on life with the originality, this legendary artist can display. ‘Complicated’ was one of those hits that capture many longtime fans to grow anticipation for the full-length release of the album entitled ‘XIV:LIX’ (14:59).

After giving you a sneak peek of the coming music video, it’s finally live. So without further ado here’s the new music video entitled ‘Complicated‘ by MC Jin from his new album ‘XIV:LIX’

XIV:LIX‘ by MC Jin, is available for digital download on iTunes &

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