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Lady D, Heinsberg & Redfield join the fray in the Gold Edition of Resident Evil Village.

Capcom has recently revealed the long-awaited expansion DLC titled ‘Shadows of Rose‘. The ‘Winters’ DLC expansion will follow Rose, the daughter of the game’s protagonist, Ethan Winters 16 years after the original campaign. It was teased in the game’s post-credit scene, showcasing Rose visiting her father’s grave as a teenager an assisting Chris Redfield in some way. Not mention Ethan Winters was also, teased to be alive, which we can assume that he’ll play a factor into the story in some way.

The DLC will also be experienced in a third-person viewpoint, a feature that many fans of the franchise wanted to be featured in the core game from its release.

Another new addition to this DLC is the expansion to its arcade-style Mercenaries mode. The mode is essentially a time-limit based feature with objectives, power-ups and hordes of enemies to clear before you can move onto the next stage. The expansion will introduce new playable characters, stages and an overall improvement to the mode, which is called “Mercenaries Mode Additional Orders

The new characters being added to Mercenaries Mode are, Chris Redfield, Karl Heisenberg and Alcina Dimitrescu.

Each new character has a unique play-style in Mercenaries Mode; Lady Dimitrescu lets you tower over your enemies when they get close along with her stature she has the ability to throw a nine-foot statue at the enemies. She also has a Thrill meter that once it’s filled she’ll slice her enemies into pieces with her large talons. Once Dimitrescu’s special action is ready she can slam enemies down or summon her daughters to assist her. Karl Heisenberg’s abilities allows him to utilize his electrifying powers and his hammer. He also can charge up his attacks and summon his horrific creations although it’s best to keep your distance as they will attack anything in sight. He’ll also be able to reduce his speed to pull enemies closer to him or throw metal objects at them. Finally, Chris Redfield which many were excited to play as in the core game but this time it’s a little different, not only does he reload faster than the other Mercenaries characters, he also can call for backup from the Hound Wolf Squad by using his target locator. Chris’ target locator can call in support strikes on enemy positions.

Capcom would release a trailer for the latest DLC update with Resident Evil Village ‘Gold Edition’. The Gold Edition and the Winters’ Expansion are available for pre-order on PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC and Stadia on October 28th with the start up of Resident Evil Re: Verse.

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