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UFC: After An Upset Victory w/ Holm vs. Rousey, When Will The Rematch Take Places?

Ronda Rousey has dominated the bantamweight division for a while, but that all came to an end with a crushing head kick from challenger Holly Holm. Given Rousey’s dominance over the division, you’d have to expect she’d get an immediate rematch.

Well unfortunately for MMA fans both casual and dedicated, Ronda Rousey said she would be disappearing for a while after this fight.

“Believe me, there’s nothing I would like to do more than disappear for a while,” Rousey said, via Rolling Stone.

Rousey has defended her title three times in 2015, including twice in a little over three months, so a break is warranted.

Ronda Rousey also has a full slate of other projects coming ahead, filming multiple movies. Filming for the movie Mile 22 is the reason Rousey won’t be making an appearance at WrestleMania 32, according to reports.

Holly Holm vs. Ronda Rousey at UFC 193

The date that many people seem glued to for Rousey’s return is UFC 200. UFC’s two biggest events of the year seem to come in July, during international fight week in Las Vegas, and December.

UFC 200 will cap out that international fight week in July of 2016, be in a brand new state of the art arena, and because of its number, will be an event UFC wants to blow out of the water so they’d clearly want their biggest star on it.

In short, Ronda Rousey needs to be on that card. A rematch with Holly Holm would be a big fight for that card, the question is whether or not they can make Holm wait that long

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  1. The Otaku Judge // November 16, 2015 at 6:03 AM //

    Movies pay better and are less painful. Perhaps she will be one of those fighters who dominates, loses once and never makes a comeback.


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