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Spoken Word: “#APIs4BlackLives

Featuring: Jason Chu | Credit: Jason Chu & Designed by The SPARX Team

Written by J. Johnson

Society has been plagued with the racial divide that our predecessors have fought so hard to exile for years. It’s horrible to see how much that divide is visibly shown and at times ignored when all lives are are important to preserve.

Jason Chu is an amazing musician in the sense that he’s using his talent to bring about a message of change and awareness among those who either refuse to address it or just not seeing the hardcore reality that should be heard or seen. A day ago, Chu used his talented to address the topic of ‘Black Lives Matter’ and why the message is not saying any other life matters in the same breath.

Now many individuals have spoken up about this topic in the hopes those who hold the key to changing what does go on in today’s society would bring about the change necessary. As people no matter your color, race, ethnic background, or lineage the change of equality is better with actions than in words, but Jason Chu’s spoken words will hopefully add to that spark of hope we all want. For a world of peace, is a world that we all will enjoy.

Here’s the message from Jason Chu himself,


We wrote this poem, this song, as a reminder to our communities: Blacks, Asians, Whites, Latinos, we are not enemies. Hatred, division, devaluing lives and bodies: these are the enemy. We believe that our differences – cultural, ethnic, social, economic – can make our country powerful, instead of dividing it. 

“But when it’s Black kids on the corner, they’re suspected of a plot
When it’s Asians in the script, we’re never given any plots
And the deepest wound of all is that I got what you do not
But we’ve been hurting for so long we got no clue of how to stop” 

When forces try to turn our communities against each other – indicting only a Chinese-American officer for police brutality, letting anti-Asian jokes slide in awards show scripts, or letting the LA Riots rage through Koreatown – we need to take a step back and remember:‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬. And ‪#‎AsianVoicesMatter‬.

Jason Chu

Words by jason chu | Music by Jared Grimble | Video by Somlit | Location: the Pico Union Project ~ Thanks to Mari Lauren and J. Han.

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