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Madden NFL 22 (Trailer) & Cover featuring Brady/Mahomes

MADDEN NFL ’22, Electronic Arts

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Take the beef to the gridiron!

In Super Bowl LV, these two quarterbacks went head-to-head, now as revealed earlier today, Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes will share the cover of the new “Madden NFL 22” video game. The game will be available on next-gen consoles Xbox Series X/S, PS5 along with the PS4, Xbox One and PC players. There’s no telling if this is the last Madden game to be featured on previous consoles.

Madden NFL 21 will share features for next-gen consoles and EA appears to be doing more for the follow-up. The publisher is releasing Madden NFL 22 on August 20th with a string of “Dynamic Gameday” features exclusive to the Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5. These features include the stadium atmosphere, home field advantages, on-field momentum will change only on the newer systems. Even the AI is more refined on those consoles practically mimicking player and team tendencies that change along with stats. This may prove to be a tougher game with this focus as you won’t be able to take the game too same-ole, same-ole.

To address one piece of fair criticism against us, when you played against the AI years past, some of those games could feel a little same-y. Especially on All-Pro [difficulty] this year, you’re going to get different experiences based on who you’re playing.

– Executive Producer, Sean Graddy

MADDEN NFL ’22, Electronic Arts

Graddy and his team are also taking major steps in making this year’s Franchise Mode one of the best it’s been for the first time in years. Coaching staff development and management, and more meaningful game planning and preparation, should give a big lift to a staple mode. Players directing an NFL team will now have to coordinators for offensive and defensive teams and player personnel specialists, reflected mostly on an RPG-esque skill tree system.

You’ll be able to take a look at real player data and tendencies for each opponent, and be able to game plan against them as well,

-Sean Graddy

Rounding out Madden NFL 22’s offerings, the hybrid narrative/career mode Face of the Franchise returns with a new story called “United We Rise.” Players will be able to play as linebackers in their single-player career; Face of the Franchise had been limited to quarterbacks, running backs, and receivers until now. The character created in “United We Rise” will also serve as the player’s avatar for The Yard, the new, arcade-like multiplayer suite that Madden NFL 21 introduced.

Madden NFL 22 will release on August 20th for Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 & Stadia.

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