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Georges St. Pierre To Make A Huge Splash Soon?

It’s been more than two years since Georges St-Pierre stepped away from fighting, but at 34 years of age, it’s difficult to write off the former UFC welterweight kingpin. It’s all the more difficult when St-Pierre won’t utter the word retired and is confirmed to be getting ready for a six-week “test” training camp to determine his future.

In the latest update of the Georges St-Pierre Watch, ESPN reporter Brett Okamoto caught up with St-Pierre’s head MMA trainer, Firas Zahabi, who is in currently in Las Vegas to corner Joseph Duffy at UFC 195.

There is still nothing definitive in regard to St-Pierre’s decision on whether or not to fight again, but Zahabi was adamant that UFC president Dana White‘s recent comments that St-Pierre would never fight again are far off the mark.

(St-Pierre)’s getting his body in shape and we’re going to explore options in the near future,” Zahabi told ESPN. “I think personally– these are not his words – there is more fight in him. I think Georges is going to make a splash soon.

As for White saying that if St-Pierre really had the desire to fight again, he wouldn’t be testing the waters with a practice training camp. He believes that if the fire still burned for St-Pierre, he would simply commit to a comeback.

“I highly doubt it’s going to happen because GSP’s been off for too long and has a ton of money,” White told the Los Angeles Times. “You don’t do a six-week camp to learn if you have the hunger. You either know it or not. Robbie Lawler knows it, he’s hungry, he trains like an animal. “You’re either hungry and an animal or you’re not.”

Again, Zahabi disagreed.

The six-week camp is just to see what his body feels like. Dana White has said people don’t do things like that and it’s (expletive), but Georges does that. He will go through the pain of a six-week camp just to see where his body is. You don’t want to sign up for a fight and four weeks in, your body isn’t holding up.

What do you think of the “big splash”? Will he ever come back to the Octagon? What are your thoughts about GSP? Comment below.

Source(s): ESPN

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