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E3 2021 | Battlefield 2042 (Gameplay Trailer)

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EA and DICE provides the world with a first look at how Battlefield 2042 is actually played after we got a very brief teaser showcasing some aerial combat. Although we got a cinematic trailer featuring some in-game footage that wasn’t actual gameplay, some of what was shown is in fact what you can do in the game itself. The trailer depicts what happens when you encounter the chaotic tornadoes/sand storms, a rocket launch and the wing-suit. It’s basically “classic” Battlefield at its peak.

Although the game doesn’t arrive until October 22nd, EA has hinted that more news for Battlefield 2042 will be revealed on July 22nd. The title will introduce a new Hazard Zone mode along with an expansion of the normal 64-player base to 128 players to battle it out in an all-out war for supremacy.

Battlefield 2042‘s visual style even calls back to those past Battlefield titles. While some other gameplay mechanics have yet to be revealed, such as vehicle customization and classes, it’s a pretty safe to assume at this point that they’ll be similar to Battlefield 3 and 4‘s mechanics.

Battlefield 2042 is set to release on October 22, 2021, for the Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC via Origin.

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