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Daniel Shim Invades Personal Space w/ Respect

A lot of aspiring entertainers and artists, take the platform of this big multimedia outlet and connect millions to view music, updates in the world, films, live events, and even original content that is uploaded each second of every day.

Some YouTubers have expanded the acceptance of YouTube is the norm form of entertainment. Notable YouTubers like KevJumba, Ryan Higa, Shane Dawson have excelled in moving the ball for many of today’s top channels to be viewed a millions times a week.

Making an impact of the pop culture world, Daniel Shim has (at his young age) a few accolades that only a few other have acquired. Former ‘King of the Web’, host of many shows, partner of YouTube, and partner of Twitch continues to make his presence known with his off the wall comedy. Known as Shimmy a lot of his fans have come to love this comedian from his random acts of hilarity to being a genuine funny man. Shimmy like others who found superstardom on YouTube would make videos pertaining to everyday youthfulness and simply just living his life.

Shimmy this time wouldn’t show you the ‘Hypest Vlog’ or ask ‘What Is Love?’, he’d ask a very personal question that a lot of people consider a very personal question, but it seems like the ‘Hilarity King’ doesn’t mind trying.

You can bet the fact that nothing will stop the wave of creative in today’s day and age. Being a little more open to your fellow man can prove to build relationships to an even hopeful stronger bond. Shimmy isn’t one of those who wants to disrespect other’s lives, but to use some personal aspects of life to have a little more fun with the mysterious existence.

Check out more of Shimmy on his two YouTube channels: Shimmy (Entertainment) | ShimmyHeartsYou (Vlog)

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