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“PAISLEY” WAVE MMLZ ft. Cactus Van

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On a broader spectrum, Wave MMLZ has been able to bring a new approach to his solo career with a very interesting track.

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Sean Wall

Recap a little as Sparx and I have been away for time. WAVE MMLZ, Chief DVB, Haresha, and Cloud all have been able to push themselves to a new level. Their music continues to make stride in the city of Vegas that 2018, could definitely be the year that breaking out to other territories across the country, hell even overseas. Although, each artist continues to make their own way in the hungry world of music, the sub and main members of Tribe Chillin intent to make their name known to the world with themselves and their brands — Mindful Matterz & Make Music Live Zen.

Last month, WAVE MMLZ collaborated with a gritty artist by the name of Cactus Van. This artist — that we never heard of until now — has an aggressive side to his music and if hip-hop isn’t aggressive enough, Van will deliver as such with a unique feeling to any track he approaches. A prime example is the track pinned on his Twitter account entitled “Bag! that not only visual but lyrical will have your head spinning. So what will happen when you have this aggressive style clash with a more debonair style? WAVE MMLZ and Cactus Van have released such a song entitled, “PAISLEY“.

PAISLEY” have a unique collaboration of sounds that’s been mixed by Mindful Matterz. Aforementioned, the aggressive and debornair style of both WAVE MMLZ and Cactus Van provide the lyrical portion of ‘PAISLEY‘ breathing the life into the track. Taking a closer listen, you have this modern hip-hop style that’s been booming the genre for the likes of 21 Savage, Post Malone, and various others. It’s an interesting step for WAVE MMLZ as his style hasn’t always incorporated the modern style before. Around the 1 minute mark, the presence of Cactus Van is felt as he rips into the track without hesitation. ‘PAISLEY‘ being out close to a month many fans have enjoyed the latest track and from the looks of it, WAVE MMLZ and Cactus Van don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

Take a listen to this track you may feel like Prince in the 80’s. Here’s the latest track entitled, “PAISLEY” by, WAVE MMLZ ft. Cactus Van:

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