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Review: CK Noir “Pray” MV, PROD: DrumDummie

Credit: Vayga Visuals

The summer hasn’t ended just yet and the unsigned artist of Florida continues to make his presence known with the release of a brand new MV.

Written by,
J. Johnson

Little by little, CK Noir has given those who support the Floridian rapper a sneak peek of the upcoming album, ‘Psalms‘. Earlier this year, the first of those sneak peeks saw an unmastered version of a track entitled, “Can’t Go Back“. One detail that stood out from this track was the utilization of his new style. Noir would drop the usage of autotunes and rely on his natural vocals—personally always liked the natural voice—and focus his topical music on life itself and his future.

The same can be said about Noir‘s start of the summer with a new track “Sidelines” produced by KingDaTrill. Although it wasn’t a music video the talented artist did provide an even grittier feel to what he has planned for his album “Psalms“.


Credit: Vayga Visuals

Pray” is terrifically shot by Vayga Visuals as they use the multiple areas used in the video to reflect the lyrics rapped by, CK Noir. Despite the song not being a religious based archetype, the references of religious icons are provided throughout the song with the lyrics, the church, and the statue of the Virgin Mary. “Pray” is simply one of CK Noir‘s best tracks as the lyrics are spun into a hard-hitting rap video that uses the best of his surroundings and life experiences. For once, Noir removes himself from the grittiness and brings a toned-down version of the CK Noir we are slowly learning about.

Here’s the official MV for the track, “Pray“:

Psalms remain without an exact date of release but the amount of time for this album to make its debut is a testament to how great it may be. Many don’t know too much about CK Noir but if you haven’t noticed, music is definitely a part of CK Noir‘s life as he adamantly states via Facebook,

To hear more songs like “2Much“, “What Is Love?“, “2 D E V I L S“,  & more from CK Noir, check out his SoundCloud.

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