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Credit: CK Noir/NC-13; Edited by, The SPARX Team

The unsigned artist from Florida has been away and for good reason. Now he’s back with a little sneak peek for those who wait and see what’s next for the NC-13 leader.

Written by,
Sean Wall

We last heard any new music from the talented artist two months ago when he released his latest track “Can’t Go Back”. The two minute track gave us a sample to a long developed project from CK Noir, Psalms which still doesn’t have a set release date. The track also encompassed who CK Noir is as a person and artist and why his dedication to music will never go away. It also provided us with a modern version of Noir with his old school reservation. A huge plus to the new CK Noir is the extraction of the altered voice as it adds an authentic feel the lyrics.

Yesterday night, the tattooed hip-hop artist released another track that’s presumably attached the ‘Psalms’ project (since the name is visible in the audio video) entitled ‘Sidelines’. Many questions came to mind as Noir has a reputation to title certain songs after various points in his life (i.e. Homesick). However, one partically question came to mind while listening to this song, is the artist referring to himself or the people in his hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio? True artist know how to use their music to reflect on their personal demons let alone reflect on their hometown and actually be open about it. Nevertheless, Noir manages to use the power of music to simply tell his story of himself and his hometown.

So here it is, the new track by CK Noir entitled, ‘Sidelines’:

p.s. Did CK ever breath during this rap? What talent!

To hear more songs like “2Much“, “What Is Love?“, “2 D E V I L S“,  & more from CK Noir, check out his SoundCloud.

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