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MC Jin “Rhyme Book” & “Everything’s Not Okay” (Review)

Credit: MC Jin; Edited by, The SPARX Team

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J. Johnson

On this day we have exposed our ears yet again to a new sound of music. Not only has it been two years since a new sound from MC Jin but it’s been well received by the fans who’ve waited for the release since the official announcement two and half weeks ago. Previously mentioned in our article two days ago, MC Jin went back to doing music; as if he ever left that aspect of his life with 20 new short music videos. Each of the videos went no longer than 2 minutes and he raps about various topics. On January 20th, it was believed that MC Jin would release one new single but a second new song was shared by the humbling artist.

The two singles released are titled “Rhyme Book” and “Everything’s Not Okay” that touch on topics of potential hope and possibly going insane when you’re looking for said hope. MC Jin uses his music to send various messages about what’s going on in today’s world and it truly sets him apart from other rappers in the landscape of music. “Rhyme Book” takes you on an upfront journey with a smooth beat and furious lyrics that will become an instant favorite (hit the repeat button). As for “Everything’s Not Okay“, Jin kicks the gears into overdrive with impactful lyrics and a hardcore style that you can’t help but listen up. If there’s a measure of how good these songs are it’s off the scale for MC Jin.

Yes, you have your Kendrick Lamar and J Cole but MC Jin is a rapper that’s been able to experience various aspects of life from his travels throughout the world.

Although it’s been two years since his last album release, these two songs will captivate your mind while bringing you in the mindset of MC Jin himself. Yesterday, he would take to Twitter providing and update of when his three upcoming free albums will be released, which we’re all looking forward to hearing. However in the meantime take a listen to two new songs from 106&Park Hall of Famer and Hip-Hop legend, MC Jin;

The three upcoming albums “Nobody’s Listening“, “Somebody’s Listening“, & “Everybody’s Listening” are due for release on February 14th, April 1st, & June 4th of 2017 respectively.

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