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‘Top Gun 2’ Is Officially In Production

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I feel the need… the need for speed!

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Sean Wall

In 1986, the original Top Gun was released and centered around the Top Gun Naval Fighter Weapons School, which housed the best of the best trained to refine their elite flying skills. The film starred, Tom Cruise, Tim Robbins, Kelly McGills, Anthony Edwards, Val Kilmer, and Tom Skerritt. After months of its release, the movie became an instant success at the box office, bringing in $356.8 million and helped catapult Tom Cruise to A-list status. However, with that success and three decades following this film can a true sequel live-up anywhere close to the original? Maybe that question will be answered as the sequel has been officially been announced and is in production. The one person who revealed it is Tom Cruise himself via Instagram.

The Mission Impossible: Fallout star made the announcement with a can’t miss hint. The photo depicts Cruise back in the pilot suit on a runway with a fighter jet in the background, like he never left. The photo features a heavy influence of the first film and to top it all, the photo features the text, “feel the need” over it, which recalls the famous line from the original Top Gun.

Originally, Top Gun 2 was going to be helmed by Tony Scott, who directed the original, but unfortunately Scott passed away in 2012. This is partially the reason why, the sequel didn’t happen sooner. Last year, Tom Cruise decided to reach out to Tron: Legacy director, Joseph Kosinski to step in to helm Top Gun 2. The plot for will center around fighter pilots dealing with the increasingly advanced technology, such as drones, that are threatening to make their job obsolete. It’s been reported that Harold Faltermeyer will return to compose the music for the sequel, which should help feel like the film never went away for a long period of time.

There’s a lot about Top Gun 2 that’s been tight-lipped. One thing that’s been revealed which is the official title, the film is titled after the main character, Top Gun: Maverick. However, Paramount hasn’t released any additional details beyond the release of the photo by Tom Cruise. The plot, synopsis, and the cast members havent’ been revealed as well. Val Kilmer has expressed interest in returning as Iceman, but whether or not he will return remains to be unclear.

The sequel of Top Gun 2, is set to arrive in theatres on July 12, 2019.

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