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Alien: Covenant (2017)

Credit: 20th Century Fox

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Sean Wall

Remember Prometheus? Yes, the movie with all those Facehuggers that looked awfully familiar! On Christmas morning, Fox gave the fans the first trailer for Ridley Scott’s Alien: Covenant. The movie serves as both a sequel to Prometheus and a prequel to the original Alien. However, it appears this one is a more bloody spinoff to the original sci-fi thriller of the 80s.

Prometheus was left with more questions than answers especially with the xenomorph appearing at the end. One important question was the alien species’ origin story and the whereabouts of the last human character at the end of the film. All questions will be answered as it appears Alien: Covenant will bridge the gap between Prometheus and Alien.

Here’s the first poster released by Fox:

Credit: Fox

Credit: Fox

Recently, the first poster for Alien: Covenant, which boasted a simple tagline “run” and it also featured a Xenomorph cloaked in the shadows. Now seeing that poster would insight major nightmares and it definitely generated a lot of excitement. Originally scheduled for an August but with the studio having confidence in the return of the Alien franchise it’s now been bumped up to a May release.

Michael Fassbender as David ad Noomi Rapace as Elizabeth will be returning in their role. Rapace may be returning to the movie but isn’t expected to have a huge role in the movie. The new cast includes Demian Bichir, Katherine Waterson, Danny McBride and Billy Crudup.

Check out the trailer:

Alien Covenant is set for release on May 19, 2017

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