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‘Wolverine 3’ (2017): Welcome Mr. Sinister

Credit: Marvel Comics

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Sean Wall

Some of us never thought it would be the end but when it was revealed it was a shock to us. On March 3rd, 2017,  ‘Wolverine 3‘ will be the saddening sendoff for Hugh Jackman being said, “the best there is at what he does”. Even with though this is last continual portrayal of Logan by Jackman it may not be the last as there’s always possibly for a recasting in the near future. The third installment to the ‘Wolverine‘ Origins spinoff doesn’t seem to be revealing too much seeing as director James Mangold (The Wolverine) is keeping things under wraps this time around. There should be no surprise to that seeing as this is the last film for Hugh Jackman. The only way to make this last outing special is to keep some of the core points of the movie as a secret.

One secret that truly isn’t one anymore is one of X-Men‘s greatest adversaries which was sort of teased in the mysterious post-credit for X-Men: Apocalypse is, Mr. Sinister being the villain for untitled ‘Wolverine 3‘. The teaser revealed “Essex Corp” which naturally means the villain Mr. Sinister is on his way. It’s really cool to finally see one of the X-Men‘s badass villains finally making his cinematic debut and most likely causing all the suffering to Wolverine this time around.

In the comics, Sinister was a pretty strange antagonist to the X-Men, and sometimes the rest of the Marvel Universe. Many would always question what exactly his true intentions would be when his appearance came about. From the beginnings as a biologist to finally gaining the slew of powers that struck fear into his foes there’re many reasons why Mr. Sinister in ‘Wolverine 3‘ will fit perfectly.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Credit: Marvel Comics

Here’s a quick look about Mister Sinister;

His beginnings were revealed as those of Nathaniel Essex, a biologist in London in 1859. As Essex worked closely with the theories of Charles Darwin, he was approached by the X-villain Apocalypse and was charged with creating a virus that would kill the weak of the world, as that’s En Sabah Nur’s modus operandi. Nathaniel struggled with the decision, as he had a wife and unborn child to look after, but having worked with Apocalypse on other ventures, his wife grew to hate him and eventually died in childbirth. However, before dying, Rachel Essex called her husband “sinister”, and thus Apocalypse took his chance and offered to make Nathaniel immortal. Essex jumped at the chance, was given a new body with a slew of powers, and went by the name Mr. Sinister from that day forward.

As for who will play Mr. Sinister the choices include Boyd Holbrook, Richard E. Grant, Stephen Merchant, or Bryan Cranston; who has expressed interested multiple times before. The cast definitely includes, Patrick Stewart, Eriq La Salle, Elise Neal, and Elizabeth Rodriguez. Including the primary villains for the film both The Reavers, as well as Wolverine‘s group, Weapon X. Mr. Sinister may even ties into the creation of X-23, the young female clone of Wolverine which makes the post-credit scene for Apocalypse make some sense.

There has been no official title confirmed yet and as mentioned before this will be the 9th/last appearance of Hugh Jackman‘s Wolverine on the big screen. Director James Mangold returns to the franchise with the script by David James Kelly.

Wolverine 3‘ will be in theaters on March 3rd, 2017

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