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Dragon Ball ‘Super’: S1E63 “Don’t Damage Saiyan Cells! The Curtain Rises On Vegeta’s Fierce Battle”

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The future and the worlds from other timelines are in danger from a Kai named Zamasu, who has a deep destain for all individuals that are no gods. Since that time Zamasu has done so much to ensure the human race be wiped off the face of existence by traveling through time killing off those who may get in his way. The devious Kai has even wished his body be switched with the powerful Saiyan, Goku. Fast forward to the present time (in the future) and a now immortal Zamasu along with himself have nearly completed their plans to eradicate the humans. However, one Saiyan has been prolonging the safety of the humans, Trunks.

In episode 62, we’ve learned of Trunks’ new found powers as it seemed he would defeat Goku Black. Trunks would come close but the pair Zamasu & Black would stop him before anything else happened. Goku, Vegeta, and Bulma would return to their time to figure out a way to defeat the mysterious duo. Piccolo would suggest the idea of using Mafuba (The Evil Containment Wave) to defeat the two. Goku would learn it from Master Roshi and Vegeta would step into the Hyperbolic Time Chamber to train like he always would do.

Episode 63 would showcase more action this time around as Trunks would regain consciousness from the previous battle and the others returning from the present. Zamasu and Black would seem to be ready, but Gowasu & Supreme Kai from the presence made an appearance to offer advice to the fighters before the battle took place. Once Gowasu learned of the dragon balls being destroyed his faith seem to have been lost, but Goku & Vegeta were ready for battle. The interesting aspect of this episode is the return of the prideful Vegeta that fans grew to love from the Z series. During the fight against Black, Vegeta would exclaim that Black may be in Goku’s body but doesn’t contain the spirit and fighting ability Goku has to fight like a true warrior. The episode ends with Vegeta powering up for his next attack leaving Zamasu & Goku Black wondering what’s next.

Episode 64 “Praise and Adore Him! The Explosive Birth of Fusion Zamasu” airs on October 30th.

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