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“Everything You Wanted” Jay Park (2016)

Credit: AOMG & Jay Park; Edited by, The SPARX Team

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Sean Wall

Everything You Wanted

Jay Park‘s official album that released yesterday as it’s the fourth studio album from the Korean-American singer. His last studio album Worldwide‘ was 11 months ago in November 2015 and it showed the collaboration work from the evolving career of Jay Park along with the various artists that wee involved. For “Everything You Wanted” you get the collaborations but cranked to a new level. On October 12th, pre-released the song ‘Stay with Me‘ in the hope to build anticipation for the album itself.

Everything You Wanted” has a total of 19 songs including two title songs ‘DRIVE‘ (feat. GRAY) and ‘All I Wanna Do (K)‘ (feat. Hoody/Loco). Both songs are produced by Cha Cha Malone, who has worked with others such as Red Velvet, Dok2, Shinhwa, and more. Along with the album, Park also released the official music video for ‘DRIVE‘, which stars Bora from girl group Sistar. Within those 19 tracks is what AOMG says, “Just like the album’s title, it contains Jay Park‘s own sexy and sentimental R&B songs”. So for those looking for the hardcore hip-hop styles would thoroughly enjoy ‘₩orld ₩ide‘.

Of the 19 songs listed on the album, there were some that caught the ears. It’s always refreshing hearing Jay Park having the dual talents of rapping and singing. “All I Wanna Do” featuring Hoody & Loco focuses on a fast upbeat tempo it makes you want to sing along, but first the Korean language has to be fluent. “The Truth Is” makes you enjoy the album better as it’s classic Jay Park at best here. The R&B flow takes a slow and sexy appeal that will have you listening to this one over and over. The aftermentioned ‘DRIVE‘ was pre-released prior to the album’s initial launch but manages to become a personal favorite as it’s more on the light and exciting side of Jay Park. ‘Forever‘ has a different tone with a slow start then, kicks off nicely on the EDM side. Although it takes the Korean route this song doesn’t lose focus on what it’s about (if translated). ‘I Don’t Disappoint & ‘Feature‘ are the edgiest songs on the album as the lyrics hold no bound to the rules. Takes you back to the times when Jay Park would rip the mic via ‘Appetizer‘ Nevertheless, the song is greatly produced and written that international fans will enjoy this one like many others on the album.

There’s no mistaken Jay Park has tremendous talent to write music that will have you on the edge of your seat or sing along. His career is mapped out with influences of other Rap, Hip-Hop, & R&B legends that he’s carved out his own legacy and earned the honor of being called one of the greats today. Jay Park wasn’t embellishing when he was going to give the fans what they want. This album is truly everything you wanted and more.

Rating: 5_Star_Rating_System_4_stars

Everything You Wanted” is out now for digital download via iTunes!

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