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CK Noir “What Is Love?”

"What is Love" artwork | Credit: NC-13 (CK Noir)

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J. Johnson

Fresh off his most anticipated mixtape, “Henny & Sprite: Vol 3” it seems CK Noir isn’t going to take a break from creating the next piece of music. I for one wish we could see a full-length studio album soon, but CK may have a plan for the official release of one very soon. Perhaps, a possible “Henny & Sprite: Vol 4” could be said album? Nevertheless, it doesn’t seem CK Noir is wasting any time as of yesterday a new song has been released by the Noir City leader. Like most of the singles he produces, each has a topical style of delivery elevating the content. From “Codeine Tears“, “Pray For ‘Em“, and/or “Peer Pressure” they all had the sense that CK Noir is trying to drive a message or confront those issues that he of had in the past.

On Wednesday, a preview was released giving those who couldn’t hold their ears any longer despite only a week ago CK Noir released “Henny & Sprite: Vol. 3“. The single is entitled “What is Love?” it definitely has something to do with a topic that many harbor deep thoughts about given the impact it has on hard earnest due to hard labor. Even with the little sample given to the fans who only want to hear CK rip through a few bars. Another piece of news that was released was CK‘s involvment on producing a new mixtape. No date on when that would be released, but with singles & remixes like “Antisocial Freestyle” & “Run It Up” it keeps a refreshing take on that the mixtape will be greater than it has before. “Henny & Sprite: Vol. 3” was definitely a success for CK as it diversified the talents and styles he’s able to use.

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“This generation is so preoccupied wit Internet fame, likes, and followers that we fail to pay attention to what really matters in our lives. Working on a new tape and decided to cover the topic on this song titled “What is love?” Drop a comment, share this and show love if you agree 💯

Much Love to those who support.”

—CK Noir (via the release of “What is Love?”)

Here’s the full release of “What is Love?” via CK Noir:

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