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‘Henny & Sprite Vol. 3’ By, CK Noir (Review)

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CK Noir has been the very reason our reach for the “unknown” came to light. He’s nothing more than an inspiration to those who are willing to stay loyal to themselves along with producing the music that frees their creativity. From 2014 to present day, the creativity and evolution of CK Noir have been impeccably amazing to witness. Songs like ‘Codeine Tears’, ‘Face Tatz’, ‘Her’, ‘Homesick’, and much more are examples of his evolution. All artist like him have their supports and detractors for whatever reason, but in the eyes of those that listen and become

All artist like him have their supports and detractors for whatever reason, but in the eyes of those that listen and become aware, those very people are the reasons the artist elevates their career. CK Noir has managed to do just that with his individual singles and mixtapes. However, ‘Henny & Sprite’ has been a main focus for the young artist that it has three volumes. Whether it’s on purpose has to be told by CK Noir himself. Either way, he’s capitalized on making each volume show his range and evolving style.

It was the honor of CK Noir himself that he allowed us to review ‘Henny & Sprite: Vol. 3’. Previously mentioned each one may or may not be planned for a purpose, but the evolution is surely there. ‘Henny & Sprite: Vol. 3’ is CK Noir’s latest mixtape which features various upcoming artists that he collaborates with like, Papa J Ruiz, Jay Million, Lowkey, & Lil Rico. The beats and lyrical prowess are headed by CK Noir himself along with recurring producers, Gandu, DJ Swift, Beat Bandits, //iBeenArt, Trap Mafia, Bravestarr, GHXST, Trakksavage, LewisYouNa$ty, and TheBeatCartel. Also on the mixtape, there are four remixes, three of which are from other artists and a personal NC-13 track. You can see that with all the hands in the mix that it attributes to the mixtape being one of the best tapes CK has put out there. Each producer definitely gives their styles in the ‘Henny & Sprite: Vol. 3”s 17 track catalog.

Throughout the entire mixtape, there’s a wide variety of songs that will get the head bopping and wanting to play the song over and over again. ‘Pray For Em’ [#1], ‘Rearview’ (ft. Papa J Ruiz) [#5], ‘Purge’ (ft. Jay Million) [#7], ‘Control’ [#13], & ‘Panda’ (Desiigner Remix) [#14] are truly ones that stick out that most fans will enjoy. Not saying the other won’t garner any following, but listening to those songs peeked my interest.

Listening to ‘Rearview‘ you have some great timing with the song as CK and Papa J Ruiz makes the song feel like a 90’s hip-hop track. It’s that good where you will get that Wu-Tang feel from the song. Next, ‘Purge‘ featuring Jay Million it comes at the time where ‘The Purge‘ movie was just released a month ago, but pretty much the song is what the title entails. There’s subtle ‘Purge’ audio in the beginning along with a countdown building anticipation for the song to start. CK and Million carry the song along with the beat that definitely has a consistent flow, pulling it together with the lyrics. Control has the laidback appeal like ‘Her’ and ‘Slow Sip’ did, but it’s speaks volumes as it definitely is directed towards someone CK cares a lot about. Listening to the lyrics will have you wondering who. Good smooth track given how heavy the rapping is earlier in the tape. The second to last song on the mixtape is ‘Panda’ [Desiigner Remix]. We all know how infamous this song truly is as it’s even been one of the most sought out songs for the beat and procession of the lyrics. CK Noir takes a hit single from the infamous rapper, Desiigner and makes it his own for the most part. Most people would want the delivery to be the same like Desiigner however, CK stays true his own style which is something to be appreciated. Well, F’n Done!

Overall, ‘Henny & Sprite, Vol: 3’ holds its own from the prior volumes. CK Noir’s style still has some of the dark tones from the past and the new age version that he’s been trying out. The auto-tunes has taken a backseat to delivery and creativity while, CK and the rest of NC-13 remain confident in how great they produce. If there’s anything you want out of ‘Henny & Sprite, Vol: 3’ that CK’s future is truly not coming to end and he’s taking his fans along for the journey.

‘Henny & Sprite, Vol: 3’ will be released on August 5th!

Don’t forget to follow CK Noir on his Instagram, Twitter, & SoundCloud:  nc13_ck | @_ColdKid |ColdKid |RealColdKid.

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