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CK Noir: Psalms, 2Much, & The Future

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J. Johnson

It’s safe to assume that CK Noir has been keeping himself with his career and personal life, as he has disappeared from the public eye once he released “Henny & Sprite Vol. 3“. Some could say that he quickly wanted to release it to focus more on his life, while others beg to differ and assume he’s simply in the studio, either way, you look at it to be an artist you have to be able to balance your art and life. Sometimes one will outweigh the other but as long as you know what your goal is—something CK Noir has been consistently meeting—then, nothing will detour the balance. It wasn’t long ago as CK Noir released a song entitled  “What Is Love?” that hit the topic of the younger generation coming up in the world and the values they hold. CK Noir said it best, “This generation is so preoccupied wit Internet fame, likes, and followers that we fail to pay attention to what really matters in our lives.”

On September 6th, CK Noir would post on his Facebook, “Took a break, now we’re back in the studio. #Psalms“. Psalms? A new mixtape? A new song? Maybe it’s finally his time to release a studio album, which in my honest opinion would skyrocket his career to a new level the buzz would be too real. In any case, CK Noir is possibly hinting at something big for the future best keep your eyes open. In the same night, two things happen following his message about returning to the studio, a preview to a new MV entitled “Purge” a song from CK’s latest mixtape “Henny & Sprite, Vol. 3: The Come Up” was posted via Instagram and he released a new song “2Much” that talks about goes to what CK Noir is all about which is the hustle and flow of making dreams come to life.

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CK Noir definitely has the gift of gab when it comes to rapping about his life. Each one of us has an upbringing that tells a story of the good, bad, and at times ugly scenarios. “2Much” was to me was a little taste for something brand new in mind. Yes, Rap and Hip-Hop is supposed to be about expression in a freeform atmosphere but the reason it blew up so big was for its dynamic on putting you in the rapper’s shoes even for 3 minutes. “2Much” reminds you even though you may not live his lifestyle or seen the things he’s seen you can always have a dream to strive for. Check it out via his SoundCloud.

Here’s the preview to the upcoming MV “PurgeCK Noir (feat. Jay Million) Prod. by the amazing World Watcher:

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