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2 Years Of Sparx: Charlie Kim, The Enigma

Original photo: Aaron Kwon; Edited by, The SPARX Team

Written by,
Sean Wall

What’s an enigma? A person or thing that is mysterious, puzzling, or difficult to understand. What are you saying Mr. Wall, that the article this about is nothing more than an enigma? In some cases yes, although under the context of being mysterious rather than difficult the subject in question, Charlie Kim is actually a mystery in terms of how the music we all hear and eventually admire is made. Here’s one secret about the man that is Charlie Kim… Brings his mind to another level of creativity that causes the usage of a variety of items one would never use as an instrument. You hear the soul come through the speakers. The music begins to intensify as the melody fuses with the lyrics. Charlie Kim’s drive is to create a genre called FUTURE BLUES… Now you say, what exactly is that?

Back at the tail-end of the not so harsh winter, Charlie Kim would release a preview, a teaser if you will about an upcoming song he’s been working on. It had the dark tones mixed together with the rebellious logic that fits Kim so well that afterward, we wanted to know more. Charlie Kim himself did let our CEO know about the man behind the artist. Once Kim’s made his way to the United States it was all about working hard for what you want. Throughout his life, it’s the simple reality that Charlie Kim is hellbent on proving that his music, his passion, and legacy was built on the striving and dedication soul of his parents, along with his talents as an artist. Chicago-Post Funk band, The Main Squeeze can be said to have an influence on how Charlie Kim conducts his music today. He even sacrifices sleep to perfect a certain music before releasing it to anyone.

*Disclaimer: Charlie Kim can be found via periscope making music. Whether it be playing around with a new song or basically testing out few new instruments with his friends to further the flow*

Now just about anyone is trying to make their name in the music industry. Whether it be country, pop, alternative, rock, R&B, hip-hop, or rap the market for new musicians is practically endless. However, that leads oversaturation which lowers the quality in music. Not many artists can be original when this is a primary issue. Charlie Kim’s quality of music isn’t hindered by this handicap even when you listen to the lyrics in the cover he’s done for, ‘NxWorries – “Link Up”. “Staring ya down to get a clear view. Breaking your neck to get a clear view. Look at the lame **** you came with, he can’t dance the way your mans do. Look at my **** and watch my footwork. Why don’t you come over to get this good work…” OR what about the lyrics from his latest release that was once a preview a few months ago? “Deadman Walking” definitely had that vibe that not only was he going to rip right into the melody, but the lyrics would set it on fire. The infamous lyrics that many even the artist himself said, “I walk a fine-line between a gentleman and rebel, angel on my arm while I party with the devil…”

Now we can draw the conclusion that Charlie Kim is nothing more than a normal artist making himself famous. Perhaps, he is… maybe his passion for music is so mysterious that in order to actually know what goes on you have to be the man himself. Whether you like his music or not credit is surely due to a man that wants to make a difference with his music. He’s gone as far as making his own genre which we mentioned before. Every artist has that one goal for their legacy to last as long as they will. As the universal language for everyone around the world, music will forever expand our minds to new horizons and that’s exactly what the enigma Charlie Kim has done. Time will make the final judgment whether it wasted on nothing or done for a better outlook on music.

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