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The Conjuring 2 (2016): Strange Happenings

Credit: Warner Bros.

The Conjuring 2: The Enfield Poltergeist, from director James Wan, has officially released a new teaser trailer for the highly-anticipated sequel to the mega-hit horror film from 2013. What is especially unique about The Conjuring franchise is that they are supposedly based on true stories, from the case files of Ed and Lorraine Warren.

The Warrens were especially active during the big paranormal boom that took place in the ’70s, which also coincided with several classic horror films that were released around that era as well. What the Warrens investigated during the time were paranormal cases of hauntings and other cases that involved demonology.

James Wan’s The Conjuring 2 is basically just another file from the vault of these famed real-life demonologists who have made a living investigating these strange phenomena across the world. Some of their most famous cases included the Lutz family (Amityville), the Perron family (The Conjuring) and the Hodgson family (The Conjuring 2: The Enfield Poltergeist).

The new trailer for The Conjuring 2 is actually a featurette that parallels the movie with what actually happened in real life with the young Hodgson girls when they were afflicted with the strange phenomena that terrorized their family, according to Coming Soon.

There have actually been many movies that have paralleled real life events with fictional events that have been dramatized for a film audience. Even though The Conjuring 2 is based off a real case file by the Warrens, the events that are depicted in the movie have likely been dramatized for more cinematic effective. Film producers are notorious for doing things like this, if for nothing else, to increase the dramatic effect and to entertain an audience.

The Conjuring 2 may indeed be based on true events, but these are events that have only been reported by biased third parties and nothing has ever been proven in regards to the actual presence of a supernatural being.

The same thing could also be said for the first Conjuring film, which was based on the terror that the Perron family experienced at the hands of a demonic witch. Although the film does use real characters as the models for the story, it is unclear just how much of it actually happened in the same way it was depicted in The Conjuring film.

Credit: Warner Bros.

In The Conjuring 2, that case took the Warrens (Patrick Wilson, Vera Farmiga) to Enfield, England, where a single mother and her children were terrorized by specific entities in a house. The poltergeist had latched itself onto the two young girls and was dedicated to forcing them to commit the ultimate sin, which would be murder or suicide.

There is also going to be an opening scene in The Conjuring 2, which is comparable to the opening scene in the first Conjuring film that took place with the Annabelle doll. The Conjuring 2 will be opening up with a scene from the Amityville case, which will take place just before the Enfield case. But in real life, the Amityville case took place in 1975.

See the new The Conjuring 2 teaser featurette below.

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