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Brian Puspos Hips Don’t Lie & He Can Knock You On Your Ahhhhhh!

You either follow your passion in life or maybe you live a simple life of the average 9-5, but with the new age of trying to live your life all want to live it their way. Not to mention the information and accessibility to make your life much more easier is there if you know how to apply yourself to extent. There’s a lot out there that live their life with the passion from a childhood aspiration.

From actors to singers, artists to dancers the percentage of becoming the #1 person to make any claim to fame is skyrocketing. Look at the dancing scene on the west coast of the United States it’s like a “babyboom” of dancers expressing themselves in choreographed motions exciting the crowd who enjoys watching and are avid aspiring dancers themselves. Many of the well-known west coast dancers have been born into a family of dancers so it becomes a generational footprint that the descending generation wants to do.

Brian Puspos is definitely one of those generational dancers that was born to dance. His family has a range of talent from singing to being dancers of the ballroom scene. So it was only natural that Brian would follow his family’s calling of dancing, maybe not singing (not saying this gentleman can’t sing). His dancing can be very vocal when it’s seen and backed up with songs he dances to.

Born and raised in Houston. Being from a family of performers he was influenced at a young age and started performing at local talent shows. A few years later he became leader of the Kappa Gamma Phi and Y.M.P.A Step Team, and backup danced for several upcoming Houston artists. After graduating high school he was eager for more, and wanted to expand and further his dance. He is now a choreographer for the University of Houston Modern Dance Team and Soreal. He also teaches regularly at the Marvelous Motion Dance Studio. While still learning, Brian hopes to share his originality and passion with other dancers across the world.

Can’t forget the performances he’s had on the MTV show ‘America’s Best Dance Crew’ with the Season 2 second runner-up crew ‘SoReal Cru’. Before ABDC, they won first place at the World of Dance competition in Pomona in 2008. After the second season of America’s Best Dance Crew was over, they returned to MTV for a two-part ABDC special, Battle of the VMA’s. In the spin-off, popular crews from seasons one and two competed for an opportunity to win $25,000 for charity and to present the 2008 VMA for Best Dancing in a Video. Alumni crews BreakSk8, Fanny Pak, Kaba Modern, Status Quo, and SoReal Cru participated in the event.

Brian Puspos would return in the 7th season of ABDC with the ‘Mos Wanted Crew’ alongside crew members: Bam Martin, Ian Eastwood, Jun Quemado, Jawn Ha, JP Goldstein, Lando “Dang Bang” Wilkins, Ricky “Rick Rawk” Cole. The Most Wanted Crew would end up being eliminated at ‘Week 9: David Guetta Challenge’. Nevertheless Brian would still keep his head up and move forward with his livelihood and passion of dancing to expand his originality.

While competing and making his on-stage skills an original aspect to his life, Brian has been able to create a huge presence on YouTube; a multimedia outlet that many preceding him have used to put out great quality choreographed videos and show his supporters that his passion can be shared with everyone. Like his close friends and dance members Ian Eastwood and Jawn Ha, Puspos challenges himself whether the camera is on him or not.

“Am I dancing for what I already have or for what I want?” -Brian Puspos

If passion means to have desire, what does desire mean? Desire means to want something, to need something. There must be something in our life that we desire. It can be a personal goal; something that we want to accomplish one day. If we desire something we show passion towards it, no matter what it is. It is not a coincidence that which one desires most, he/she holds precious upon them. Brian continues to show his passion, but in this video he shows all the reasons why his passion will be forever shared as long as the fans want him to and furthermore if Brian has the will to do it.

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