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Jason Chu ‘Arrivals’ (2016)

Credit: Jason Chu & Joe Kye

Written by J. Johnson

He’s the man with the ‘SPOKEN WORD‘ that makes you want to think about what you’re listening to, whether it’s thematical or just to share something he’s passionate about. Back in 2015, we’ve gotten that opportunity to listen and watch his stunning MV entitled ‘Marvel’ which depicted other people being extraordinary no matter what they look or act like. Afterward, we were hooked to see what else Jason Chu was going to do next whether it be a new song or something to captivate his fans. Chu used his talented to address the topic of ‘Black Lives Matter’ and why the message is not saying any other life matters in the same breath & he also used his voice to bring a generation of Star Wars fans together with his spoken word entitled “Stars In the Sky”.

He’s been featured on the White House AAPI page for his video standing up to bullying

Ever since that time his message of standing up, being confident, and making your presence being known has been much stronger and his using his music to channel that message across many fans with the same vision. The question that seems to be posed by Jason Chu is, “What’s your journey?” pretty sure his journey will be heard come the Fall.

With all that he’s about to release his first full-length album titled “Arrivals” produced by, leader of ‘Joseph In The Wall‘, Joe Kye. On Jason Chu’s twitter, he’s been posting a lot of media showing the progress being made for the upcoming album this Fall.

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