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Jason Chu “STARS IN THE SKY: a STAR WARS poem”

Written by J. Johnson


Last year, the force was truly awoken as the world witness the return of a franchise that has defined a generation; which still continues to do that today. From setting records to breaking records ‘Star Wars’ returned with a cinematic vengeance, showing why even a classic franchise in a galaxy far far away may never die. Fans of all ages came out in hordes as we all witness another chapter (episode to many fans) push the boundary forward, giving the franchise to be open to many possibilities for the future.

At that time, we’ve seen spoofs, new cosplays costumes, merchandise, and videos of the phenomenon created. The shift of a franchise once seen as “nerdy” aspect in society has turned into a cultural acceptance in modern days that saying nerdy & Star Wars in the same sentence no longer exist. Perhaps you’re asking yourself, why am I talking about “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” a month after its release? Simple. As the internet plays a huge part of everyone’s life no matter how much you want to deny it, one video has crossed my path. Although released on December 22nd of last year, the age old saying of “the past is the past” never has been so passé that chivalry being said to have died is just something we may have to get used to going forward.

Jason Chu, an artist that uses his musical prowess to send a message shiver down the musical spine of any fan, has made a video in the uproar of Star Wars’ return. The video is entitled “Stars in the Sky: a Star Wars poem” speaks on how the 70’s franchise has shaken the cultural world back then and how it still has that an effect on us today. Chu released the video after he saw the movie, which he states “I’ve been waiting for last Thursday night my whole life.” It’s clever enough to hear the classic John Williams score in the background giving that subtle galactic taste, but the message is clear.

BE ADVISED! Listen to the words to grasp the message beyond the toys, films, music, and cultural impact it has. I kind of wonder if Jason Chu is one with the light or dark side of the force… Well we hope you enjoy! Leave your comments and thoughts in the section below!

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