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Tier 1 Wrestling ‘METEORIC’: Matthew Riddle & ‘The Notorious 187’ Homicide, & The Brass Ring

Credit: Tier 1 Wrestling; Edited by, The SPARX Teams

Written by, J. Johnson

March 20th was the monumental night for Tier 1 Wrestling as they not only showcased an array of promising professional wrestlers, but they debuted on the WWN iPPV that in the honest opinion is well deserved. Even though the debut catapulted the promotion to a new level of recognition there’s no stopping the momentum as recently revealed some major news all in one week’s time. On April, Tier 1 would announce that on Friday, May 20th, Tier 1 will be heading back to Brooklyn with an impactful follow-up show named ‘METEORIC’. This event will showcase the present and future of professional wrestling.

The first announcement that was revealed was a major one as Tier 1 has the fearless and formidable free-spirited athlete known as Matthew Riddle. Riddle traded his passion for the octagon to perform in the squared-circle. He trained in 2014 and made his debut in earlier 2015 (February 7th). Within little to a year, the wrestling world has been able to perform in the EVOLVE promotion winning the ‘Style Battle’ tournament and even it being reported he signed a contract with EVOLVE’s parent company, WWNLive. Now he’s scheduled to appear at Tier 1’s show ‘METEORIC’. The bigger question is who will Riddle be facing at the event?

Another announcement was a notorious one as it’s very appropriate that this legend makes his in-ring debut for Tier 1 Wrestling, ‘The Notorious 187’ Homicide! Tier 1 will be paying homage to a man who not helped push the industry forward, but paved the way for many of the athletes the fans enjoy in professional wrestling today. Tier 1 has quoted Homicide as he assured management that he’s ready to raise the bar. Like Riddle the question remains, but taken to a new level who will have the honor will come face to face to ‘The Notorious 187’ at ‘METEORIC?

You would think he let well enough alone as he was on the receiving end of a’Death By Elbow’ by, JT Dunn who made his presence known at Tier 1 Wrestling’s event ‘March To Victory’. Darius Carter gets very vocal in an energetic promo talking about his ‘Brass Ring Invitational’ and JT Dunn meddling. OH… they have it?… Okay! Ladies and gentlemen, it seems like Tier 1 management has the interview ready:

It’s obvious that Tier 1 Wrestling isn’t playing any games as ‘METEORIC’ is fastly approaching. We will be providing up-to-date news as it becomes available. In the meantime don’t forget to purchase your tickets for this cosmic event at

Here’s a highlight from Tier 1 Wrestling’s “March To Victory” event last month. Don’t forget to like, subscribe, and share:

You can order ‘March To Victory’ on demand here: Trust me, this show was worth far more than the $4.99 it will cost you to buy the iPPV! Don’t forget to follow Tier 1 Wrestling all over the | @Tier1Wrestling |T1wrestling | T1W | tier1wrestling

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