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“The Truth Is” 박재범 Jay Park (Official MV)

Featuring: Jay Park | Credit: AOMG

Written by J. Johnson

As of late, Jay Park has recently been releasing new music that garners a lot of attention. Even with AOMG about to embark on their 2016 “Follow The Movement” Tour these new along with some released by GRAY, LOCO, & Hoody may be performed live for the 8 cities that listed on the schedule. Despite that little speculation, the fact remains that Jay Park has released a brand new song. Seems like the ABOVE ORDINARY artist has been in touch with his soothing vocals of singing than rapping.

Are you falling love with Jay Park’s voice?

On March 17th, Park released a trailer for “The truth is” that actually built a little more anticipation. It’s a personal story of love for a man and his relationship. The song carries a meaning of the aftermath of a guy who struggled within himself after breaking up with his girlfriend, longing for her return. Although some of the recent songs have been geared towards a sexy side, this time, he slowed things down for an equally heart-fluttering release.

To view, the teaser trailer checks it out by clicking here.

In this MV for “The Truth Is” you get an aminated look at the mid-tempo track that showcases his tone of singing than his rough rapping that many still enjoy.

Check out “The Truth Is” MV below:

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