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AOMG “Always On My Grind” (for 2016 Follow The Movement Tour)

Featuring/Credit: AOMG; Edited by The SPARX Team

Written by J. Johnson

In two weeks, Jay Park released two music videos “The Truth Is” & “All I Wanna Do” and it painted a different side to the hardcore hip-hop artist. Even with AOMG about to embark on their 2016 “Follow The Movement” Tour these new songs along with some released by Jay Park, GRAY, & LOCO may be performed live for the 8 cities that listed on the schedule.

The tour will be for 8 nights & in 8 cities giving those fans who love the Korean music industry of Hip-Hop/Rap a chance to experience it live. You can tell that each of the members are ready for this tour as they are preparing to bring the house down in each city they perform in. However other than what has been released, how do you get the fanbase from a worldwide scale ready and pumped for this tour?  Seems like the ABOVE ORDINARY artist has been in touch with his soothing vocals of singing than rapping.

SIMPLE! Early on March 25th, the AOMG music label released a surprise track that in my honest opinion is somewhat of an anthem for the ABOVE ORDINARY GROUP! The outro speaks a lot about what AOMG is all about as each member of this innovative contributes their own look at what AOMG is all about

I knew what to do
Might as well just start my own label
Do what I love to do and give other talented artists
a platform where they can get the music out.
and you know, stuffs like that. So it’s been really fun
AOMG, now it’s called Above Ordinary Music Group,
Or it’s like Always On My Grind, Artist Only Money Getters,
it’s whatever you want,
but it’s AOMG

Here’s ‘Always On The Grind‘ by AOMG:

Tickets will go on sale next week on February 26. Promoted by SIVA group, you can find out more info on the tour’s official site here. Don’t forget to follow AOMG on Twitter @AOMGOFFICIAL | @pumpkin2k | @locogocrazy | @JAYBUMAOM | @babospmc | @callmegray


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