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Midnight Diner ‘Tokyo Stories’ (Episode 1): Tan-Men Without Noodles

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Tokyo, Japan. A city with a robust attitude and sense of adventure practically around every corner especially if you know where to look. In one of Tokyo‘s busiest district is a small eatery known as Meshiya. Patrons that enjoy some good food and drinks refer to it as the ‘Midnight Diner‘. The place is run by the Master and opens only from midnight to 7AM. Despite the menu consisting only of a pork miso soup set, beer, saké, and shochu, the Master‘s policy is to make whatever his customers request. One common courtesy that never runs out unless you mean harm is generosity.

In Episode 1, we hear/watched a heartfelt story of an actress who no longer wanted the stress and typecasting of her character, Crimson Maple be the defining legacy of her career. Now a taxi driver she would stop in Master‘s little joint to grab a bite to eat before heading out to her job like Mr. Shimada says “She’s diligent and loyal to her job“. At first the radio host, Mr. Shimada was confused as to why the mysterious woman would eat Tan-Men without noodles. To him it must have been the woman was watching her weight; even though his doctor told him he must do that. In any case, Mr. Shimada‘s fascination didn’t stop there as he had the hunch she was a part of the famed Japanese TV show, ‘Super Ninja Squadron Koga.’ After, realizing it the Crimson—actress turned taxi driver,—and Mr. Shimada would speak about why she became a taxi driver and wished he didn’t exploit her life the way he did. Back at the restaurant, Crimson would speak  to Master about the deeper meaning behind leaving her acting career as someone she wanted to be in love with didn’t work out. Flying Squirrel, her co-star, and leader behind the scenes wished he was born a woman. In the end, Mr. Shimada was introduced to Flying Squirrel for who he truly was and after all the years of not talking to each other Flying Squirrel would thank Crimson for being such an amazing friend and wouldn’t care who judged for he’s happy for who is.

The lesson to take away from this episode is no matter who you are, never be ashamed of it. All that’s important is your happiness and not other’s perception. Life is too short to worry about those who are out to tear you down. Live for today and repeat the cycle again tomorrow. It’s a deep episode of acceptance and hoping episode two is just as amazing. I recommend this show even for those who may not like series/movies that have subtitles. Open your mind to it. You may learn something.

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