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FUZZY “Glimpse” (From “B A L L O O N $” Album)

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Written by J. Johnson

Californian hip-hop artist, FUZZY, has let himself settle down a bit in making music to find out what really works for him. All we know is that whenever he releases a new song it will pop big time. Like mentioned before his songs have a unique approach with a message that many relate to in everyday situations. Perhaps most of the songs he’s produced revolve around the message of love. A message as we’ve all been through gets the talked about as often having morals and earning someone’s respect to garner the love we want.

In the midst, of him releasing ‘B A L L O O N $‘ we also mentioned how he was featured on PNO mixtape “Cloud 9” with the likes of Jason Chu & FUZZY himself on a range of tracks. “Maybe Its You” it gave off that atmospheric vibe you will appreciate. Like “Queen” it does play perfectly with the style of FUZZY, but PNO has an approach that remnant of John Mayer, but actually better IMO. Now you have this track from FUZZY titled “Glimpse” that again has a groovy mix where you can sing-along with him.

FUZZY even gave those who wanted to hear his music a taste of what he has with this BIGGIE mix. It was really great to know that such a legendary of the hip-hop genre may have been a heavy influence on this artist. The mixed track is “Everyday Struggle“, from BIGGIE‘s  1994 album, ‘Ready To Die Remaster‘.

Though ‘Glimpse’ is an original track from FUZZY it can be said, that it’s definitely a good track from his album, which is available for download. You can get the sense that he will not only release more music in the future, but his aspirations of being a respected artist are some things he may want. Especially with the increase in songs that have something to do with a relatable topic. Anybody can rap about having money (that some may not actually have), but to rap about a message to set even one person on a path of positivity is something I think FUZZY  is aiming for in his career.

Check out ‘Glimpse‘ from ‘B A L L O O N $‘ the album:

Echoes Of A Lyrist” featuring, FUZZY will premiere exclusively here on March 20th! Don’t forget to follow his social media outlets: @fuzzzymusik | FUZZY aka Ehwhenkeem | Ehwhen Keem

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