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Charlie Kim “Deadman Walking” (From “FUTURE BLUES :: GOOD & EVIL” LP) [Preview]

Credit/Featuring: Charlie Kim

Written by Sean Wall

Have to say it’s always an exciting time to find new music. New music that can grasp my mind and take me on a journey of bass, acoustics, keyboarding, and/or drumming. I’ve found some new music that may excite even those who don’t have much interest. Although after listening to this preview you may want to know more about Charlie Kim. What I gather from the preview is a mystery to what he’s speaking about. Even for me when I listen back at prior songs he’s made questions still linger about what Mr. Kim is all about.

Yes, Charlie Kim is a singer, songwriter, and producer from Seoul Korea but the question from me is ‘who is Charlie Kim?‘, ‘what’s his motives?‘ and ‘how will this magnificent singer impact the world within the world of Future Blues and beyond?‘ Behind the pictures of his smiles, style, the candor in which he acts, the delivery of his music… For me, it begs me to ask many questions. Not saying any of that it are negative aspects about him.

Kim states the song was inspired by Steven Yeun (plays Glenn from ‘The Walking Dead‘ series). Furthermore, the one line from the preview that sticks out has to be

I walk a fine-line between a gentleman and rebel, angel on my arm while I party with the devil…” –Charlie Kim

There hasn’t been any actual reveal of when “FUTURE BLUES :: GOOD & EVIL“. Here’s the preview straight from Charlie Kim‘s facebook:

In the meantime visit his outlets to know the what’s happenings of Charlie Kim:
Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud |

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