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‘The Movement, Vol. 1’ (2015)

Written by: J. Johnson

Good Fruit Co. is a music label that caters to the message of positive & God through the power of music. By using music they show an amazing side of Hip-Hop and rap can be nothing, but enlightening if pursued in the right way. The rising music label has successfully shown why music can be inspiring and enjoyable. Good Fruit Co. is the vessel in which they bring all these talented producers, rappers, and singers together.

Oh it’s definitely a movement!

Especially when the artists that grace this album has one purpose; to share their experience of life through the joy of music. Everyone can have a single song and it will be a relative avenue for that individual, but “The Movement, Vol. 1” has 11 artist that can tailor to those relations. Not only those they play on being relatable, but each song has a meaning and gives you that sense of positivity. You don’t have to look at Hip-Hop/Rap as a negative when you have many artists like the ones on this album rapping about pure-raw emotions from life.

Throughout the month of promoting the album, giving a little description of who’s on the album and you will learn the hardwork they all put in to get to this point. You can see why Good Fruit Co. made the point to introduce us to each artist on the compilation album. It’s an invitation for us (the listener) to appreciate the bars being spit from beginning to end.

"The Movement, Vol. 1" album artwork | Credit: Good Fruit Co.

“The Movement, Vol. 1” album artwork | Credit: Good Fruit Co.

My personal favorites “Hi TimeDru Bex, “In the CloudsShope, “The Battle (feat. Lyricks)” Manifest, “FragmentsNAK. Now reason for that is for the feeling I get from each of the songs. It almost speaks to my soul. Can I say that I lived these rapper’s/singer’s life no, but like I said, before it’s a relatable avenue that I can share. Love it.

This is huge for us. Months of work bringing different producers, rappers, and singers together to make a project that represents our greatest passion as a label: embracing and expressing our true identities with confidence and excellence. We’re extremely excited for this release!

Good Fruit Co.

Being able to see what they’ve gone through as a label is one thing, but seeing a family oriented label come together to produce a great album is inspiring. From J. Han & Sam Ock to HeeSun Lee & Promise the experience can only evolve in the everlasting serenity form of hip-hop and rap. I for one can only support Good Fruit Co. and their artists as new ventures are on the horizon for this music label. As you listen to “The Movement, Vol. 1” you will join a revolution that will engulf your ears into the mind blowing world of hip-hop.

The Movement, Vol. 1” is now available for digital download: iTunesSpotifyAmazonGoogle Play

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