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Logan (2017): One Last Time!

Credit: 20 Century Fox

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Sean Wall

THRILLING! OMINOUS! & Somber as Hugh Jackman‘s portrayal of Logan aka Wolverine is drawing to a close. When the news broke that his run will come with the second sequel to ‘The Wolverine Origin‘ spin-off the tears and suspense of what is going to happen began. Teasings of Old Man Logan, X-23, the movie itself going for a Rated-R rating, and the reveal of Mister Sinister being the villain, who wouldn’t want to watch this film. Now fast forward months later, and we finally see the teasers and reveals in action. 20th Century Fox revealed a trailer teaser for the upcoming third Wolverine film, simply titled ‘Logan‘. The trailer would come via Hugh Jackman‘s Twitter and featured a red band scene where Logan (Wolverine) would shove his claws through a suppose thug head (Luke Hawx; professional wrestler, WildKat Sports).

Set in 2024, one year after the events of X-Men: Days of Future Past, Logan has aged over the years making the promise not to use his claws for bloody purposes, with his healing factor weakened. That will change when an evil organization led by Nathaniel Essex tries to use the rest of the remaining mutants in the world, turning them into weapons, and Logan will need to release the Wolverine persona to prevent it. It’s going to be epic.

‘Logan‘ is loosely based on the comic book series Old Man Logan by Mark Miller. The film is helmed by director James Mangold and stars Hugh Jackman, Sienna Novikov, Boyd Holbrook, Richard E. Grant, Stephen Merchant, and Patrick Stewart. Aftermentioned above this film marks the final portrayal of Jackman’s Wolverine as he appeared in every main entry for the X-Men film series.

Logan‘ will be released on March 3rd, 2017.

Credit: 20 Century Fox

Credit: 20 Century Fox

Source(s): 20 Century Fox

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