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Xbox One: Backwards Compatible – The First 100 To Be Revealed Soon

After the announcement that the new Xbox One dashboard will be releasing on November 12th, along with the backwards compatibility program, we were left wondering when we would be seeing the official list of backwards compatible games. So, we put together our own list of the games we wanted to see most in the program.

Phil Spencer has confirmed that we can look forward to release information on backwards compatible games via Twitter over night. According to Phil, the list of the first 100 games will be revealed on November 9th and will be available to play on the 12th when the program releases to everyone officially. This date does have significance of course as both Fallout 4 and Rise of the Tomb Raider release the next day, Nov. 10th.

The list will be both first and third party games, of course, and leaks have been popping up everywhere but nothing has been confirmed either way.  As far as the program itself goes, let’s hope the classic RPG Blue Dragon is on there with Lost Odyssey. After all, Mistwalker did them both and Phil has already gone on record saying he want to see Lost Odyssey on Xbox One….. Here’s to hoping.

What are you most looking forward to? Let us know

Here’s the announcement made by Xbox months ago:

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